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Internet Bulletin for Arts, Politics and Science

Number 85....................................WINTER 2002


B. JOHN ZAVREL, Publisher

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'Dali-Vision in Port Lligat': this "Photo of the Year 2002" shows the portrait of Salvador Dali in front of his residence at Port Lligat in Spain. In 1975 it was Dali's wish that a monumental bust of him by his friend Arno Breker would one day be placed on the shore of Spain, in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and on the top of a skyscraper in New York. More details in this issue of Prometheus.

Photo Copyright Dali-Archive, Marco-VG



Fine Arts around the world ...

2003 Annual Report of MEA



"Who is Who in Art, Science and Politics?" Artists of our time are invited to get registered


A Dali Morphosa of the Royal Dali Collection

Painter John Angel from Florence in Toronto

Catalan Painter Montserrat Bareny visits MEA


100 years of Salvador Dali, by Joe F. Bodenstein

Artist of the Year 2003 is Birgit Sewekow




Politics for Freedom, Justice and Peace ...

The United States of America has gone mad, by the best-selling author John Le Carré

Pope John Paul: Iraq war must be last resort

The Price of Freedom, by B. John Zavrel

NATO Summit in Prague: Now 26 Members, by Consul B. John Zavrel

Prague: The Enchanted City, by Consul B. John Zavrel

Remembering NATO Enlargement in 1989, by Consul B. John Zavrel


Rally in Boston Protests War in Iraq, by Justin Gest (Crimson, Harvard University, Boston)

The Secret War, by Chris Floyd (Los Angeles Times)

Gore Vidal Commentary, by Sunder Katwala (The Observer, Great Britain)


NATO-Gipfel in Prag: Jetzt 26 Mitglieder, von B. John Zavrel



Science, Research and Technology ...

Anatomy of Man by Wilhelm Tank, by Joe F. Bodenstein

The Prophet of Space Travel -- Hermann Oberth , by Wernher von Braun


Anatomie des Menschen von Wilhelm Tank, von Joe F. Bodenstein



Boulevard from around the world ...

Pope Blessed the Wine from the Rhineland

Baronness Thyssen-Bornemisza - A Great Guardian of Art, by B. John Zavrel

Film by Dagmar Wittmers and the art of packaging, by Thomas Blumann

Michal Jackson receives Bambi Award in Berlin, by Joe F. Bodenstein

The International Dali-Committee preparing the 'Dali-Year 2004'


Michal Jackson erhielt Bambi-Award in Berlin, von Joe F. Bodenstein

Boulevard Metropolis präsentiert Angelika Stratmann

Arno-Breker-Film: Skulpturen und Musik

Papst segnete Wein aus Rheinland-Pfalz


Aktuelle Sendung „Deutsche Lebensläufe" von SRW, SR, ORB und SFB

Internationales Dali-Komitee bereitet Dali-Jahr vor

Baronin Thyssen-Bornemisza eine große Hüterin der Kunst, von B. John Zavrel



Poetry, Literature and Music ...

A Hermann Hesse Reading by Wolfgang Stendar

In My Monestary of Muses, by Swami Veda Bharati

Arno Breker, the Immortal One, by Dominique Egret (Paris)


The Dalai Lama on Happiness and Transience

Ernst Fuchs Creates a "gold ingot" Bible, by Consul B. John Zavrel

Ode to the Sun, by Swami Rama


Hermann Hesse Lesung mit Wolfgang Stendar



Facts and Photos from Art History ...

Arno Breker Biography (1900-1991)

Ernst Fuchs: A European Painter-Prince, by B. John Zavrel


Dagmar Wittmers Film und die Kunst der Verpackung, von Thomas Blumann

Adenauer, Gerhard Marcks und Theodor Heuss

Archiv Gustav Zindel Neuerwerbung: Selbstporträt



Eye Witness Reports and Photos from Around the World...

Hommage to Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, by Heinrich A. Toepfer

A new film - Arno Breker: Sculptures and Music

Ruth Zucker--'Mata Hari 'of Israel Remembers. A book review by Consul B. John Zavrel

The NS Past of Marta Mierendorff, by Ariel Cohen


Homage a Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, von Heinrich A. Toepfer

Die NS-Vergangenheit der Marta Mierendorff



International scene ...

Misha Eingorn: The Master of the Xylophone, by B. John Zavrel

Uri Ely: The Painter-Seer of Israel, by Consul.B. John Zavrel

Prague - The Enchanted City, By Consul B. John Zavrel



Interviews with interesting people ...

A Success Story: German Cancer Aid, by Joe F. Bodenstein


Jörg Immendorff macht Bühnenbild in Berlin, von Joe F. Bodenstein



History, Holocaust and Human Rights...

The Last Days of Alexander the Great, by Consul B. John Zavrel

Moissey Kogan Drawing by Arno Breker



Articles by personalities of our times ...

The Genius and the Divine, by Salvador Dali

THE Answer to 9-11-2001, by Swami Veda

Helium-3 Fusion Energy: A National Imperative by 2050 AD, by Wilson Greatbatch, FAAAS, PE



Editorials from around the world ...

The new, united Europe asserts its independence, by Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun, Canada)

The silent answer to 'Does God Exist?', by Swami Veda (Hindustan Times, India)

A toxin in the Blood, by John Chuckman (YellowTimes, Canada)


Chechnya's savage war comes home to Moscow, by Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun, Canada)

Over 400,000 march against war in Iraq in Florence (Singapore News)

After Iraq, war against Syria, Iran and Lebanon, by Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun, Canada)



Philosophy and science of yoga and meditation ...

Swami Veda's Blessings

Stay Linked to the Lineage and Cut Your Ego!, By John Zavrel

Talks on the Bhagavad Gita, by Pandit Hari Shankar Dabral

THE Answer to 9-11-2001, by Swami Veda

The Next Thousand Years, by B. John Zavrel


My Dream for Tibet's Fredom, by H.H. the Dalai Lama and Thubten Jigme Norbu

Arun Gandhi: The Pursuit of Truthfulness, by Consul B. John Zavrel

Tibet: Give Us Liberty, by Consul B. John Zavrel


Der Dalai Lama zu Glück und Vergänglichkeit



A Spiritual Retreat Center in Rishikesh, India

Meditation Center Minneapolis

Swami Hari of Tarkeshwar  

Spiritual Corner

Swami Veda Bharati



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PROMETHEUS, Internet Bulletin for Art, Politics and Science, Nr. 85, Winter 2002