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Swami Veda's Blessings




May you never enter the shallows of the mind.



May the wings of an angel serve as sails for the angel

to sail the smooth surfaces of your mind-lake.



May you ever remain a dweller of depths.



May the silent song of your mind

enchant the world-mind.



May a thousand divinities

orbit around your mind-sun.



May the Master meet you on the road and say,

"Where have you been all this time as I waited for you".



May you become

the wellspring of all philosophies.



May you become a nest

for those seeking shelter

because your mind-wings

can enfold and protect them.




May you be discovered as the mine

where mind-diamonds glow

with the light of the sun

that is within each of these diamonds.


For that meditate.




May your mind never sleep

and, may, thereby you have the deepest rest.



May your heart contain that secret treasure

for which the sages value you immensely.




May your words become suns

to shine over future generations.




May your word-moons of inspiration

and solace for others never wane.




May your inspirations so overflow

they fill all heart-empties of living beings.




May your mind so expand

that it is seen as All-mind of infinity.




May you change the noisy darkness

into silent thought.




Be. Cease to become

and thereby become all you wish to Be.




May you be so pulled towards infinity as the ocean

is pulled towards the moon of peace, solace and silence.




May the vast countryside called your mind

be the most enchanting one.




May the minds of Masters

make your mind their permanent dwelling place.




May the quietening waves flowing from you

never lose their intensity as they reach unquiet minds.




May you pour out quieting waves from your mind

and fill the cells of those who pass by you

and may they then emanate some waves towards others.




May you radiate a fragrant light

wherever malodorous minds congregate.




May the language you speak

be understood only by silent ones.




May the darkest minds

become lit up candles in your presence.




May you climb the highest peak

of the Himalayas of the mind.




May the thought-flowers you plant

exude a fragrance that imparts permanent beauty

to the minds that smell them.




May the words you ever hear

reach your mind as waves of silence.




May your words be waves from the mind-sea of silence.

May you win landscapes that stretch far and wide

only in the consciousness of divine sages.




Be immeasurable.




May you, without reading,

know all the scriptures in your heart.




May your presence confer inexhaustible fortunes

to souls that have known no light before.




May the orphaned minds

(who have never been sheltered by a sage)

find their sage in you.




The diamonds of light you see in your meditation &emdash;

may you store them in a sack made of your smooth mind fabric.


May the sack get so heavy

that you have to distribute your mind-diamonds

to the spiritually impoverished.




May you become known

as the elder brother of the Sun.




May you become known

as the elder sister of the Moon.




May you become known

as the parent of many Stars.



Copyright 2002 Swami Veda Bharati



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