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Number 98 ............................................................................................................... AUGUST 2005

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The Heinrich Heine monument by Arno Breker in Norderney. Full view of the sculpture in the year 2005. Heinrich Heine was a German-born poet and writer of the late 1700's, who was more highly regarded in France, England, and America than in his homeland. His poetry and thinking was deeply influenced by major events of the time, like the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. He died in Paris, where he had lived from 1831 as one of the central figures of the literary scene. For more, see ARTICLE ...

© Photo Rudolf Uebbing/Marco-VG, Bonn



This week's LATEST articles ...

'PIETA 2003', a poem & sculpture

Mother tips the balance against Bush

Heinrich Heine on the island of Sylt: the most beautiful monument

CAROLINA KLUFT: The world's greatest female athlete



The big picture: a view across the future Alexander Garden, just before the 400 tons of landfill and topsoil are spread around the sides and seeded with grass.   

PHASE ONE of the Sculpture Garden ALEXANDER THE GREAT at the Museum of European Art has been completed: a 150-foot long retaining wall from large boulders, over 400 tons of landfill and topsoil to enlarge the space available for installation of sculptures and a gazebo for visitors to rest, relax and enjoy the view. For a report and photos, see ARTICLE ...



New at Museum of European Art ...

*** The Alexander Garden: PHASE ONE has been completed, by B. John Zavrel

The Sculpture Garden at Museum of European Art


Arts News and Exhibition Openings...

James Simon and the Nefertiti in Berlin, by Joe F. Bodenstein

The Russian poet Joseph Brodsky immortalized in bronze, by B. John Zavrel



PIETA 2003: The recent bronze sculpture and a poem by the Swiss sculptor Renate Stendar Feuerbaum with the timeless motive of a mother with her fallen son is a timely reminder of the evil behind wars. For the poem and photo, see ARTICLE ...



Literature, Poetry and Book Reviews ...

*** 'PIETA 2003': A Poem & Sculpture, by Renate Stendar Feuerbaum



Ernst Jünger at the age of over 100 years in his home in Wilflingen, Germany. The photo shows the writer at the taking of the handprint. From left to right: Consul B.John Zavrel (Chancellor of the Alexander Order), Dr. Lieselotte Jünger, Jünger and Joe F. Bodenstein, the publisher of the sculptor Arno Breker, who had created an highly expressive portrait-bust of Jünger. Read the entire ARTICLE ...

© Foto: Marco Bodenstein / Marco-VG


Boulevard News ...  

*** CINDY SHEEHAN: Mother tips the balance against Bush, by Paul Harris

*** CAROLINA KLUFT: The world's greatest female athlete, by B. John Zavrel

Crests, Crests Register and the Crests Foundation at the Nörvenich Castle


Art Collectors and Art Market ... 

Ernst Jünger's handprint appears as a lithograph

...... more ARTWORKS from Around the World-- Dali, Breker, Fuchs, Arentz, Stendar, etc.



Swami Veda: renowned spiritual guide, philosopher, poet, author, lecturer, preceptor will lecture in Toronto, September 3-7, 2005



Interviews, Lectures & Eye Witness Reports ...

*** Swami Veda lecture series in Toronto, September 3-7


Political Developments and Editorials ... 

Cindy Sheehan: Pieta 2005

The US war on Iran has already begun, by Scott Ritter


Art of our time ... 

*** Heinrich Heine on the island of Sylt: the most beautiful monument






'The Poet Joseph Brodsky'. Detail of a bronze sculpture by the Toronto sculptor Yuri Firsov. The Museum of European Art and the European Art Foundation (EKS) in Berlin have selected the Russian-born sculptor as the 'Artist of the Month.'



New Art Books and Hard-to-find Art Catalogs ...  

ART CATALOGS for Art Collectors


Yoga & Meditation ... 

*** Swami Veda lecture series in Toronto, September 3-7

SPIRITUAL CORNER - various articles on yoga and meditation



The family crest of Ron C. Voth. During the ancestral research of the Heraldic Commission of the Nörvenich Castle, it was discovered that the US citizen, who was born in 1948 and raised California, had a famous German ancestor: Duke Friedrich-Wilhelm (1819-1904) von Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1860-1904). Read the entire ARTICLE ...

© Wappenrolle Schloss Nörvenich


History, Holocaust & Human Rights... 

Ruth Zucker: MATA HARI OF ISRAEL REMEMBERS, by Consul B. John Zavrel


ART SHOP for art lovers & collectors ...

ART CATALOGS for Art Collectors



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