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 P I E T A 2003

By Renate Stendar Feuerbaum


PIETA 2003: The recent bronze sculpture by the Swiss sculptor Renate Stendar Feuerbaum with the timeless motive of a mother with her fallen son is a timely reminder of the evil behind wars.



War, ruins, a dead soldier and a mourning woman.


For whom did this young man fight? Against whom? Why?

Who made him believe that his death has any purpose?


Again and again, fanatical and hypocritical rulers of all persuasions

know how to misuse young men's readiness for self-sacrifice

for their own purposes.

They promise peace and give orders to kill.

They violate the symbols of their faith:

the Cross, the Star of David and the Crescent Moon.


And thereby they give them a new interpretation

to suit their personal goals.

Because none of these religions, with their common roots

command intolerance, lust for power, greed and murder.


But in its own pure, uncorrupted originality,

every religion remains to be an indestructible support and solace

for its believers.

So also the PIETA, which--in its posture--full of reverence

kneels down in the ruins

before the self-sacrifice of a beloved man




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