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Crests, Crests Register and the Crests Foundation at the Nörvenich Castle

New family crests and exisitng old crests registered



The family crest of Ron C. Voth. During the ancestral research of the Herladic Commission of the Nörvenich Castle, it was discovered that the US citizen, who was born in 1948 and raised California, had a famous German ancestor: Duke Friedrich-Wilhelm (1819-1904) von Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1860-1904).

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Nörvenich/Berlin (bpb) The Crests Register of the Nörvenich Castle near Köln contains all the existing crests in the area. In addition, the Crests Office of the Alexander Order assists with the awarding of new family crests, based on the existing laws. The Award of the Crest includes an appropriate document, as well as registration in the Crests Register.


This possibility is available not only for the local citizens, but also from abroad. In the case of the US citizen Ron C. Voth, the ancestral research discovered that he was a descendent of a line of German Grand Dukes von Mecklenburg-Strelitz. As his great-grandfather is identified Duke Friedrich Wilhelm, from whose first marriage came his sons Adolf-Friedrich V. and Adolf Friedrich VI., who followed him as regents. One of his sons from his second marriage Conrad Herman Friedrich Voth (1870-1942). At the age of 19 years he emigrated to America, and in the New World had eight children. One of the sons of C.H.F. Voth instinctively felt drawn to his family tradition, and undertook research of his ancestors. But all the time, his father was of the same blood as his stepbrothers, who once ruled their ancestral lands, although he was not officially recognized as such, due to the system in effect during that time governing aristocrats. The Grand Dukes of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklengurg-Stelitz were deposed in 1918. On the other hand, the line of the Duke from his second marriage successfully continued.


Individuals, who want to register their crests and thus make them available for future ancestral research, should contact the Crest Register at the Nörvenich Castle in Germany--Schloss Nörvenich in 52388 Nörvenich. (info@europaeische-kulturstiftung.org).

This also applies for the awards of new crests and design of crests for individuals and families. These are under the patronage of the Alexander Order for Art and Science.

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