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Number 95 .................................... Spring 2005

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B. JOHN ZAVREL, Publisher

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The new Pope Benedict XVI was only 14 years old, when the sculptor Arno Breker created this monumental relief of two friends. It is a work in the style of a Pieta (Holy Mary holds Jesus Christ). The Europaen Art Foundation has now recommended this masterpiece to be placed in the Vatican City, in order to continue the tradition of classical art, manifested by works or Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci...read this new article in Prometheus.

© www.museum-arno-breker.org / Marco-VG.



New at Museum of European Art ...

Himalayan sage Swami Hari visits Buffalo in May, 2005

In Memoriam Ron C. Voth, by B. John Zavrel




Fine Arts & Exhibitions ...

*** Pope Benedict XVI and the 'Two Comrades' by Arno Breker ***

Western Biennale of Art 2005, by B. John Zavrel



Edward Steichen war ein Jahrhundert-Photograph, von Joe F. Bodenstein

Wolfgang Hutter kritisiert die Missachtung der realistischen Kunst

DALI-BREKER-FUCHS, von B. John Zavrel




Boulevard News ...   

Pope Benedict XVI: I was a Hitler-Junge

The Royal Wedding of 2005: Charles & Camilla, by B. John Zavrel


*** Krebshilfe-Gründerin Mildred Scheel 20 Jahre tot, von Joe F. Bodenstein

Katja Ebstein singt für Deutsche Kinder-Krebshilfe, von Joe F. Bodenstein

Araber-Hengst Hamasa Mosaad von Kanzler Schröder übergeben, von Joe F. Bodenstein



Charles, the Prince of Wales and the future King of Great Britain, with his new wife Camilla in the St. George Chapel at the Windsor Palace.



Art Works around the world ...

Jean Carzou and his lithograph Alexander the Great

S.W. Lunau: Kingfisher in Colorful Feathers

The Painter Ernst Fuchs at 75, by B. John Zavrel


Georg Kolbe und die NS Zeit, von Georgo Levine

S.W. Lunau: Eisvogel in bunten Federn

Heinrich Heine von Arno Breker



VENEZIA, a painting by Jan Machalek, Montreal is one of the works to be shown at our SPRING 2005 exhibition "ART BOULEVARD".




Literature, Poetry, Theater, Music & Cinema ...

The Grimme Award 2005

Ruth Zucker and the Birth of Israel, by Consul B. John Zavrel

Hitler goes to Hollywood, by B. John Zavrel   



Health, Science, Research & Technology ...

EXPERIMENTS by Swami Veda at the Institute of Noetic Studies in California


Krebshilfe-Präsidentin Prof. Schipanski bittet in den Förderkreis, von Joe F. Bodenstein

Deutsche Krebshilfe bewirkt EU-Kampagne gegen das Rauchen, von Joe F. Bodenstein

Gesundheit & Service: Die Prostata des Mannes, von Joe F. Bodenstein 



The attractive singer Katja Ebstein is active in the battle against cancer. Beauty, success and riches all become meaningless for parents whose children become ill with cancer.



Interviews & Eye Witness Reports ...

*** The film 'The Downfall' now playing in USA, by Joe F. Bodenstein

MY DREAM FOR TIBET'S FREEDOM, an interview by John Zavrel with Thubten Jigme Norbu, the elder brother of H.H. the Dalai Lama

AMERICAN STEWARDSHIP OF THE MOON, an interview with the inventor Wilson Greatbatch



Readers' Forum & Open Letters ...

Arno Breker Gesellschaft Berichtet aus Deutschland



Yoga & Meditation ... 

Swami Rama Institute Opens in Malethi, by Swami Jaidev and Ma Devi

Himalayan sage Swami Hari visits Buffalo in May, 2005

EXPERIMENTS by Swami Veda at the Institute of Noetic Studies in California

Photos & news from Rishikesh, by B. John Zavrel

TARKESHWAR TEMPLE in the Himalayas

A New Institute Opening in the Himalayas, by B. John Zavrel 

SPIRITUAL CORNER - various articles on yoga and meditation



The German chancellor Gerhard Schröder (left) and W. Georg Olms presenting the Arabian Horse Hamasa Mossad at BDI-Gala in Berlin. His name means "The happy one".

© bpb / Marco-VG



Political Developments and Editorials ... 

*** America launches space weapons programme for total domination (The Guardian)

The Neocon Revolution going into high gear (The Guardian, UK)

Hersh speech blasts Bush and war policy, by Amy Feigenbaum

*** THE INSIDER. Essential insight into happenings around the world

The creature walks among us, by John Chuckman (Canada)



Genia Chef's large paintings of Aphrodite-Eve offering an apple dominates one of the exhibition halls of the Natsoulas Gallery in Davis, California.



History in Facts & Photos ... 

*** Arno Brekers Relief Kameraden, von Rainer Hackel

Der Bildhauer Wilhelm Nida-Rümelin, von Joe F. Bodenstein

Hitler Sekretärin Gerda Christian: Der Führer nannte sie Dara



History, Holocaust & Human Rights... 

*** Ruth Zucker: MATA HARI OF ISRAEL, by Consul B. John Zavrel




'SOLOMON' by the Viennese painter Ernst Fuchs, who turned 75 on February 13, 2005. This is one of 80 color illustrations in the 'Golden Bible' of Ernst Fuchs, which he called the 'high point' of his artistic work. On exhibition at the Museum of European Art to March 31, 2005.



Archives ...

Archive Adolf Hitler's Artists: Part I - PAINTERS

Yukio Mishima Archives



Ronald Reagan, the most popular and admired American President of the 20th century who passed away in 2004, has been honored by the US Post Office. The new stamp captures well the character and charisma of the great statesman and brings back many memories to people around the world.    


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