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Updated July 6, 2005 



Unique works of art for art collectors






©Photograph: Dali-Archive, Marco-VG.


DALI VISION: THE EYE OF WISDOM. It is one of the Dali-Morphosis (1975/1976), combining the work of Dalí's friend Arno Breker and applications by Salvador Dali. The portrait of the King of Surrealism shows the so called 'Third Eye' in the forehead. Dali changed the realistic eyes into the symbol of his "soft time".



Dali vision: The eye of wisdom  

Orpheus and Eurydice. A relief in Ara-marble.  

Widder, Head of Ram, Téte de Bélier for Alexander the Great, by B. John Zavrel


Fortuna, the Goddess of Fortune  

Europa on the Bull by Ernst Fuchs  

Jean Carzou and his lithograph Alexander the Great


Thorak's relief 'Hans Sachs' in bronze, by B. John Zavrel

Art Gallery: SPHINX

Africa sculptures by the famous Arno Breker, by B. John Zavrel


Salvador Dalí as a Catalonian for collectors

Art Mishima: Lithographs by Arno Breker, by B. John Zavrel

Dali stamp a precious work for all philatelists


Gregor Kruk in the Ronald Reagan Collection

ART DALÍ Lip Sofa Bocca

SALVADOR DALI stamp from Bulgaria


Art Diana, Princess of Wales

Richard Wagner Bust by Arno Breker as Coffee-table Sculpture

Dali's sculpture 'Lady with Drawers' in the Museum Collection


Art Alexander the Great

Dali's Horse in Museum Collection

Dali's „Birth of the New Man" in Museum Collection


Dali's Elephant in Museum Collection 

Staff of Asclepius as work of art

Arno Breker Bas Relief: "The Avenger"


A Dali Morphosa of the Royal Dali Collection

GALA DALI - THE DIVINE, by Joe F. Bodenstein




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