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Dali's sculpture 'Lady with Drawers' in the Museum Collection

The woman with drawers as coffee-table sculpture



Dali's „Lady with Drawers". Sculpture from the Mouseion-Collection. The motif is in the central point of the painting "Giraffe en feu" 1936-1937. In the collection of the Basel Art Museum, Switzerland.

Photo: Parastone/Dali-Archive


Basel (bpb) Six Dali sculptures of the Parastone Mouseion Collection are on display at the Museum Europäische Kunst at the Nörvenich Castle near Köln. These small sculptures are depicted in the paintings of Salvador Dali. To them belongs the coffee-table sculpture „Lady with Drawers", the woman with drawers. The motif dominates the painting „Giraffe en feu". It belongs to the collection of the Kunstmuseum Basel, Switzerland.

The sculpture says: the new woman is full of secrets. They can be only opened through psychoanalysis, like drawers.


The height of the sculpture is about 23 centimeters. The Museion Collection contains five other sculptures: 'Dali's Space-Horse', 'Dali's Egg: The Birth of the New Man', 'Dali's Space Elephant', 'Portrait Pablo Picasso' and 'Soft Self-portrait of Dali with Fried Bacon'.


Available for sale. For information: museum@europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org



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