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In her ceramic studio in Berlin, Elvira Bach shows one of her new works to the art publisher Marco Bodenstein: a painted vase. By painting the plain ceramics with figurative motives, she makes them into works of art. In addition to producing one-of-a kind pieces, there are also some of her works available in limited editions. The Museum of European Art and the European Art Foundation (EKS) in Berlin have selected Elvira Bach as the 'Artist of the Month.' For article, visit Ceramic plate METROPOLIS by Elvira Bach ...

© Foto Bernd Castell/Marco-VG




Ceramic plate METROPOLIS by Elvira Bach

Mathias Richling als Fotograf

 Dante flies on the back of the monster Geryon

'Dance on a Volcano"




'PRINCESS DIANA', a bronze sculpture by the Toronto artist Yuri Firsov will be among the works of art presented at the ART METROPOLIS 2006.



New at Museum of European Art ...

*** Ceramic plate METROPOLIS by Elvira Bach


Exhibitions & Events in 2006 at MEA 


Arts News and Exhibition Openings ...

Heinrich Heine at the Noervenich Castle

Exhibition ART METROPOLIS 2006 ... an invitation to artists

*** Mathias Richling als Fotograf mit dem gewissen Blick, von Joe F. Bodenstein


Art of our time ...

*** Elvira Bach Keramik-Teller METROPOLIS

'Dance on a Volcano", by Renate Stendar



Tatjana Gsell, a glamourous society lady from Germany, has been romantically linked in the past with Prince Ferfried von Hohenzollern. She has had several TV appearances in various programs.



The Order of Alexander the Great for Art and Science ...

The Order of Alexander the Great


Medicine, Holistic Health and Nutrition ...

*** Heart to Heart: Dr. Dean Ornish, by B. John Zavrel

Curry may prevent prostate cancer, by B. John Zavrel



Different hand-applied patinas of the Staff of Asclepius and of the Ascepius serpent make each piece unique. The noble emblem of physicians was created by the sculptor Arno Breker.


Art Collectors and Art Market ... 

*** Aeskulap Stab als Hoheitszeichen der Ärzte und Apotheker


...... more ARTWORKS from Around the World-- Dali, Breker, Fuchs, Arentz, Stendar, etc.  


Literature, Poetry, Music and Reviews ...

*** Dante flies on the back of the monster Geryon, by B. John Zavrel



'Dance on a Volcano', one of the most recent works by the Swiss sculptor Renate Stendar.

Photo copyright 2006 Renate Stendar



Yoga & Meditation of the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters

The international "Swami Rama Meditation Academy" in Rishikesh


Human rights, Holocaust and Individual Freedoms in our times ...

RUTH ZUCKER - Mata Hari of Israel Remembers, by Consul B. John Zavrel

THE EXPULSION OF GERMANS: A crime against humanity, by Dr. Alfred de Zayas  

Tibet to Chinese Invaders: GIVE US LIBERTY!!, by Consul B. John Zavrel


Our "ART GALLERY & GIFT SHOP" for art lovers & collectors ...

ART CATALOGS for Art Collectors




The larger-than-life portrait-bust HEINRICH HEINE will be unveiled in 2006 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the death of the poet at the Noervenich Castle near Cologne. It is the only monument that will be set up during this anniversary year. The fine bust was created in 1980 by the sculptor Arno Breker. The photo shows a version in Ara marble. For the article, see Heinrich Heine at the Noervenich Castle

© www.museum-arno-breker.org / Marco-VG




Dante flies on the back of the monster Geryon, by B. John Zavrel (Part 3 of 6)

Dante at the Gate of Dis, by B. John Zavrel (Part 2 of 6)

The Beginning of a Great Journey, by B. John Zavrel (Part 1 of 6)



'THE BLASPHEMERS', woodcut # 14 by Salvador Dalí illustrates PART 3 of the six-part series on Dante's INFERNO. For article, visit Dante flies on the back of the monster Geryon ...



Links to Interesting and Alternative News Websites ...

THE INSIDER ...... essential insights into behind-the-scenes events

DER SPIEGEL ...... website of the top magazine in Germany



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