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Last updated July 27, 2002



Author, Poet, Philosopher, Vedic Scholar and World renowned Spiritual Guide


A sage of our times: Swami Veda Bharati, disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas is coming to Toronto, August 1-5, 2002.


Lectures and Workshops on Eastern Philosophy, Yoga Science and Meditation with

One of the Most Authentic Teachers of Himalayan Yoga Tradition


Author of many books including 1500 pages extensive commentary on chapters one and two of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Swami Veda is well versed in the scriptures of all major religions and understands many languages which allows him to teach Meditation to people of different faiths, - Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs - from within their own scriptural and meditative traditions. Given his familiarity with all known meditative traditions and the different schools of Eastern and Western philosophies, the Buddhists are given Buddhist Mantras, the Christians are guided in accordance with the rich Christian meditative and contemplative traditions, and so forth.

In Toronto, August 1 - 5, 2002


Art Academy in Toronto: A Phenomenal Opportunity

By Consul B. John Zavrel


Fernando Freitas of the Angel Studios in Toronto explains the art academy's unique four-level programs to MEA director Mary McAndrew.


Toronto (mea) The recent trip to Toronto by MEA director Mary McAndrew and John Zavrel, the founder of the Museum, to establish the first contacts with the art community in Canada met with unexpected success. They visited the ANGEL STUDIOS, and art academy where students are taught how to paint in the classic, realistic style.

"The painter and art instructor Fernando Freitas gave us a two-hour tour of the studios, explaining their unique system of instruction, just like in the French ateliers of the 1800s", said Mary McAndrew about the visit.

According to Fernando Freitas, the academy offers an intensive program with a diploma in traditional drawing and painting. " It is one of very few such institutions in the world, and we have a curriculum which is designed to produce the highest caliber of professional artists who are equipped to become the new leaders in the emerging renaissance of classic, realistic painting', pointed out the artist.

"The art academy's program is a unique four-level course developed after 30 years of research and experiments by the school's founder, mural painter and portraitist Michael John Angel. The course design is based on techniques and methods first discovered in the Italian Renaissance and developed in the French ateliers in the 1800's--it is the fastest possible way to learn how to draw and paint realistically, at the highest level", said Mr. Freitas.

The school has a second location in Florence, Italy--one of the world capitals of art.

The school is located near Toronto's downtown, in an historic area of the city, and is a short walk from the underground transit system, which gives easy access to the city's great diversity of culture, cuisine, night-life and the performing arts. The neighborhood is a richly multi-ethnic zone, reflecting Toronto's varied cultural fabric.

"This unique art school is a truly phenomenal place for the young artist who wants to learn to draw and pain the proper way, like in the days of the old masters of painting. You would have to go as far as New York City or Chicago to find anything like this. It is a great opportunity for students living in the metropolitan triangle Buffalo-Toronto-Syracuse. And they also accept part-time students, so even those who do not live in Toronto or who have regular jobs still can get instruction, according to their possibilities', said Mary McAndrew.


The school is located at 2738 Dundas Street West, Suite 100, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6P 1Y3. Telephone 416-766-1280, fax 416-766-3403, e-mail: info@AngelArtAcademy.com



Meeting with the Toronto painter Juan Martinez

By Mary McAndrew


Consul B. John Zavrel in the Toronto art academy Angel Studios with the Canadian painter Juan Martinez.


Toronto (mea) Juan Martinez is an accomplished painter who has studied in Florence, Italy and in Canada with the master painter Michael John Angel. He paints in the style of classical realism--which is the traditional, realistic style.

Juan Martinez lives and works in Toronto, Canada. He is recognized both as an instructor in the atelier system (he teaches at the Angel Studios) and at the same time he is an active artist, accepting commissions in a variety of genres including figure, landscape, wildlife, and illustration. He has been part of travelling national exhibitions and his work hangs in private collections throughout Canada.

He works in oil paint, charcoal and carbon, with a preference for subjects featuring the human figure. In his works and in instructing, Martinez emphasizes the importance of draftsmanship in painting and drawing.

Mr. Martinez has studied under Michael John Angel for a number of years, at both the Toronto and Florence studios. In addition to the technical aspects of drawing and painting, he is interested in the more theoretical aspects of what art should seek to accomplish.

At a recent meeting with the artist at the Angel Studio in Toronto, Consul John Zavrel of the Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York asked the young artist about his artistic creed. This is what he had to say: "I believe only in well-crafted, representational art, and that it is the highest form of visual art one can aspire to in Western culture." He also believes that the learning process for an artist is one that never stops.


More information about the artist can be found at his web site at: www.juanmartinez.com


Nicholas Goldschmidt Triumphs in Toronto: 2002 Choir Festival



The Artistic Director of the 2002 Choir Festival "The Joy of Singing", the 93-year old Nicholas Goldschmidt, is congratulated at the Gala reception following the Canadian premiere of Franz Schmidt's "The Book with Seven Seals." (Photo copyright WEST-ART, Clarence)





Artists from the Buffalo-Toronto-Syracuse triangle invited to exhibit their works


By Consul B. John Zavrel



Director Mary McAndrew announces a new program to promote artists from the Buffalo-Toronto-Syracuse area by monthly exhibitions at the Museum of European Art in Clarence.


Buffalo, NY (mea) 'The Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York is encouraging artists--both painters and sculptors--to show their works at the museum's monthly Social Nights,' according to the director Mary McAndrew.

'Once a month we have a new exhibition opening up, usually on the last Thursday of the month. Mostly we show the works of well-known 20th century artists like Dali, Fuchs, Arentz, Stendar, Warhol, Moore and Chagall, but in addition to that we have always looked to find new, original and promising artists from Europe.

Foreign artists who have exhibited the museum include Kurt Arentz (Germany), Ernst Fuchs (Austria), Alessandra Della Valentina (Italy), Uri Ely (Israel), Renate Stendar (Switzerland), Edward Tabachnik (Canada), Helga Tiemann, Jan Künster,Ludwig Angerer (Germany) and Hugo Haig-Thomas (England).

Recently we have started to show also the works of American and Canadian artists who like to find another opportunity to present their works to the public', said McAndrew in a recent interview.

Among the American artists whose works have been shown at the museum previously were Mary Weig, Elizabeth Gross-Marks, Mary McAndrew, Bradley Widman, Wendy Macdonald Mills, Walter Prochownik, John Baker, Jody Ziehm, Geeta Harvey, Pat Roberts (California), ViviAnn Rose (Utah), etc.

'We are especially interested to show paintings and sculptures of artists living in the triangle BUFFALO-TORONTO-SYRACUSE. And the young, aspiring artist are especially welcome - they are the ones who need more opportunities to show their works. And we would love to see more young artists from Toronto exhibiting at our Museum in the future,' emphasized Mary McAndrew.

Because of limited space and considerable interest, every month 2 to 4 representative works of three artists will be featured. Applications are now being accepted for the monthly Social Nights programs.

Interested artists should send their vita and photographs (to be kept in the Museum's archives) of up to six of their representative works which they would like to be considered for exhibition to: Museum of European Art, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031. Tel. (716) 759-6078, e-mail: zavrel@MEAus.com.

'If an artist's work is for sale, the Museum will receive only 20% commissission if the work is sold. Our goals are to support artists in their work, as well as to support the Museum's non-profit programs', according the McAndrew.

For more information, contact museum co-directors John Zavrel (716-759-6078, e-mail: zavrel@MEAus.com) or Mary McAndrew (716-741-4544, e-mail: mary@marymcandrew.com).








Toronto Art Festival 2002

500 artists from across Canda and the United Stateswill be exhibition and selling their original works in painting, drawing, sculpture, fibre, jewellery, metal, watercolour, original prints, ceramics, glass, wood, photography and mixed media.


AUGUST 30, 2002......10 am to 8 pm

AUGUST 31, 2002......10 am to 7 pm

SEPTEMBER 1, 2002......10 am to 6 pm







The painter A.V. Ilango from Bangalore, India has visited the Museum of European Art during his recent visit to the Buffalo area. The successful painter is currently having a large exhibition at the prestigious 'Salon d'automne' in Lyon, France. John Zavrel, founder of MEA invited the artist to show a series of his erotic painings at the Clarence museum in 2003.



The 16-year old Suhasini Sumithra before the annual performance in Buffalo, New York. Her guru is Mrs. Tejaswini Rao.





Consul B. John Zavrel, Eleanor Greatbatch, the inventor of the implantable pacemaker, Dr. Wilson Greatbatch and the painter Mary McAndrew with the photographer Kenneth Dulian (seated), at the opening of the exhibition 'Lighthouses in Perspective' at the Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York. The exhibition continues till June 24, 2002.





A series of portraits by Curtis Parker is currently on display at the Arts Council (700 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14202, tel. 716-856-7520, www.artsbuffalo.com) till July 29, 2002.

Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am-5pm.



Young model with her portrait: The exhibition was attened also by Lynne Ezzell, who stood model for her painting by Curtis Parker. On the left, a drawing of the artist's mother.




The Buffalo painter Curtis Parker at the opening of his exhibition at the Arts Council of Buffalo, being introduced by the director Celeste Lawson.



John Zavrel with the Daemen College art student Liz Allen, and the painter Mary McAndrew from the Museum of European Art in Clarence.




Exhibition 'Effigy' by Cody Kroll opens on June 15, 2002 at the Buffalo Arts Studio (2495 Main Street, Suite 500, Buffalo, NY 14214, tel. 716-833-4450, www.buffaloartsstudio.com), and continues till July 27, 2002.

Hours: Tues-Fri 11 am-5pm, Sat 11 am-3pm.






This exhibition features a series of paintings which the Buffalo painter Mary Weig created on her recent tour of India, around the sacred mountain Arunachala.

On display at the Arts Council (700 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14202, tel. 716-856-7520, www.artsbuffalo.com), from April 4 to May 29, 2002.

Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am-5pm.





Mary McAndrew from the Museum of European Art in Clarence at the museum's booth with 250 other area businesses and not-for-profit organizations.



 Artists from BUFFALO-TORONTO-SYRACUSE triangle invited to exhibit works at MEA



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