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Prometheus For Peace


Flight #52: As the Crow Flew

Parables Re-told, on the way to Sacred Link

By Kanak Ravel


Carl, the leader of a flock of crows, was hailed as the smartest and the most daring by his fellow crows. Carl was cunning enough not to disillusion them in their belief. Inside himself he was not so confident. The main reason for this was his neighbor, Sam the swan. When Sam took to the air he glided and soared with a grace unparalleled in the avian world. He was so picturesque. This made Carl green with jealousy, as Carl's own flying was so awkward.

One day his jealousy for Sam took the better of him. He declared to his fellow crows, " I am superior to Sam. I shall perform many flights that are prettier than Sam's. I will show you many graceful and amazing flights against just one same routine boring flight by Sam." In a moment Carl took off in the blue sky while the whole crow community watched with great expectation.

Carl performed some amazing stunts. He flew straight upward, then downward, then sideways, and in many loops, and variations and so forth, yet not one encouraging applause came from the crows on the ground. He was getting disappointed with himself. He got nervous and tried more stunts, but nothing worked. Not one of his flights was more elegant than that of Sam's. In the final desperation on his last flight, #52, he rocketed straight up in the air, and then dived head long imitating a hawk. That did it. He stalled badly, very badly. He could not recover from the horrible stall, and hit the ground headfirst. It was his fatal flight.



Babua Narad, the wise old owl said, "There is one yoga and only one universal supreme yoga. Power yoga, Sport yoga, Lila yoga, Special yoga and many more, are all #52 flights.



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