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1900 - 2000



Monumental Relief APOLLO AND DAPHNE


July 19, 1900 to February 13, 1991





The Guardian of the Image of Man, by B. John Zavrel

Abstraction in the Work of Arno Breker, by Henry Moore

A Hymn to Youth, by Joe F. Bodenstein

A Key to Arno Breker's Art, by Prof. Arcadi Nebolsine

A Symbol Takes Shape, by Arno Breker

Creation's Song of Songs, by Arno Breker

Book Review: The Divine Beauty in Art, by Dr. Volker G. Probst

The Impact of Arno Breker, by Dr. Peter Ludwig

Lost Letters from Gerhart Hauptmann to Arno Breker Found, by Hartmut Koschyk

The Master at Work, by Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis

The Miracle of Creation, by Arno Breker

One Element of Arno Breker's Art, by Prof. Arcadi Nebolsine

The Sculptor of Man is Dead, by B. John Zavrel

Sculpture and the Sacral Gesture, by Arno Breker

Without Art There Is No Culture, by Arno Breker




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 JULY 19, 2000



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