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Museum Arno Breker has an official website



Arno Breker (1978) and the sculpture "Heinrich Heine". The bronze was commissioned by the President of the International Heine Society, Dr. Hermann Lohausen. The monument in honour of the famous Jewish poet, who wrote in German, is located on the Norderney Island in Germany.

Photo: Marco Bodenstein


Berlin/Bonn (bpb) The Museum Arno Breker has an official website. http://www.museum-arno-breker.org It brings valuable information about the life and work of the artist.

The sculptor, architect and master of graphic art belongs to the most important personalities of the 20th century. All the published information on Arno Breker (1900-1991) has been vouched by historians, as well as by experts on art history.

The attractive web design was created by the internet expert Werner Steinbach. The design is clear and easy to handle. Picture galleries show works of the artist during the different periods.

The Museum Arno Breker has also works of the artist's friends such as Salvador Dali, Ernst Fuchs, Charles Despiau and Aristide Maillol. The Museum owns further works of Auguste Rodin, Jean Cocteau, Leonor Fini, Ernst Barlach, Georg Kolbe and paintings and sculptures by artists of our time: Kurt Arentz, Birgit Sewekow, Siegfried Lunau, Helga Tiemann, Detlef Krebs, Peter Hohberger, M. Donst, Renate Stendar-Feuerbaum.

The Breker Museum is an important partner for schools, students, art historians of, TV-stations and film producers as well for all kinds of publishing houses.


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