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Mission Statement

Museum of European Art


The Museum's philosophy is modeled after the noble challenge by President John F. Kennedy:

"Ask not what your country can do for you,

but ask what can you do for your country".


* * * * * *


1. To build up the Museum as a non-profit, cultural institution in Western New York. Each member and sponsor contributes to keep the cultural traditions alive for now and the future generations.


2. To exhibit works of young artists of New York and America together with great international artists of our time


3. To introduce the young generation to the classical art of our historical heritage and of the present time


4. To build up an art collection for the public


5. To publish articles, catalogs, books, art portfolios, etc. in order to promote worthy and promising new artists


6. To expand our international presence through the Internet


7. To establish a group of artists and patrons around the Museum, who will support its work


8. To strengthen the dialog among the young artists of Europe and America


9. To arrange and participate in international events supporting a cultural dialog to promote friendship and understanding


10. To build up a sound financial basis for the Museum and the Sculpture Garden in Clarence




Museum Report on the year 2001