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Thoughts on the India-Pakistan War

By Swami Veda Bharati


Swami Veda Bharati addressing pilgrims at the Vira Bhadra Temple in Rishikesh in 1994.


Yesterday I flew over Pakistan to Delhi; I was hoping for some adventure like some rocket brushing by the aeroplane wing, but I was sorely disappointed; nothing happened!! As you know, I read newspapers regularly; that is just to enjoy behind the people playing chess. That is all that is happening. I am enjoying the chess game. For God's sake, when will people stop living in fear? Nothing is happening here.

A lot of high level diplomacy from all sides to achieve something without firing a shot. I told someone this evening--when she and her daughter came to see me--to write to her friend in America and tell him "we have been reading in the newspapers here in India that FBI and CIA have warned of more terrorist attacks in USA, and for that fear she is not bringing the children to visit such an unsafe place!!"

Really, all that is happening is diplomatic chess so that countries can achieve without war whatever it is they wish to achieve. Believe me. Maybe everybody should have flown to New York on 10th September to be in such a safe place.

Please send this note to everybody you know so they are reassured. India is a country the size of Europe. Even if someone is fighting in Bosnia, you do not stop living in London !!

Nobody on this continent is so mad as not to know that an atomic bomb dropped on Delhi will send radiation to Lahore, as the winds and clouds have refused to ask for passports and visas to fly free over the countries.

Please tell everybody in the world to stop living in fear.

Oops, I am scared; the rains here have begun, and the house roofs in these areas here are notoriously weak; one roof might collapse over my head; I better run to New York!!


Please give my love to all.

Swami Veda Bharati


June 1, 2002



Yesterday I wrote that no one on this continent is so mad as to start a nuclear war.

Today's Indian newspapers quote General Musharraf of Pakistan stating "I don't think either side is that irresponsible to go to that limit", and "I would even go to the extent of saying one shouldn't even be discussing these things, because any sane individual cannot even think of going into this unconventional war, whatever the pressures".


Why doesn't the western press give the correct news, instead of spreading panic?

You know why?

Because the leaders there seem to want to show how responsible they have been with their nuclear weapons (thousands of them), and how immature these five thousand year old civilizations are (with a total of 25 devices between the two countries)!!

That is all I can figure out.


Can anyone figure out any other reason for constantly spreading fear?

Why choose to live in so much fear ?

Please rise above.


Love -- svb

June 2, 2002



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