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Denise Egret-Erhard is Mayor in Paris

A friend of the arts works with Jacques Chirac for Europe


Paris (bpb). A great patron of the arts has become a Mayor in Paris: Denise Egret-Erhard. The 62-year old business woman (import-export) belongs to the same political party as the French President Jacques Chirac. The two friends from their political party have a common interest on the preservation and support of the great Christian, West European cultural traditon.

Denise Egret-Erhard is engaged for European unification. "We want a Europe in peace and freedom. The culture in all spheres is an important communication medium", said the politician in an interview with "Prometheus". The United States continue to remain the most important ally of the West Europeans. "But we must not rely only on this traditional friendship. Almost 60 years after the end of World War II, all over new generations have grown up. And they have not only the opportunity, but also the duty to preserve democracy in all areas."

The Lady-Mayor is now the boss of the 17. arrondissement of Paris. This city quarter borders the famous Champs Elysee, which is bejeweled with the Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile. Denise Erhard is married to the art historian Dominique Egret. He is an expert on sculptures of Aristide Maillol, Paul Belmondo, Arno Breker, Charles Despiau, Henry Moore, Pablo Picasso, Jean Fautrier and Salvador Dali. The politician is active in the European Art Foundation Berlin-Paris-New York as an honorary officer for special projects. She is engaged also for the same goals as the Museum of European Art.




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