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The Combined Therapy Program

at Swami Rama's Himalayan Institute of Medical Science

Jolly Grant, India


Established by Swami Rama of the Himalayas, "Combined Therapy" is a holistic program integrating Eastern natural therapies with conventional medicine, focused on enhancing an individual's ability to control his own health. The program is especially beneficial to those with chronic disorders or who are recovering from acute illness, high blood pressure, depression, fatigue and other emotional disorders, or an inability to relax and enjoy life.

Combined Therapy occurs in a 14-day residential format and includes daily health assessments, holistic medical counseling, biofeedback, homeopathic clinics, relaxation training, diet assessment and counseling, and other therapies, along with training in skills that promote self-healing and help to maintain health.  One of the unique features of the program is its spiritual content in the form of methodical practices of self-observation, silence, solitude and guidance in meditation.

The highly trained and qualified professional staff is directed by Dr. V. Rajesh, MD, DCH, a certified psychiatrist and board certified pediatrician and rehabilitation specialist from the USA with more than 15 years experience in holistic medicine.  Further staff members include Dr. Anil Singhal, MD and Dr. Achala Singhal, MD, FACC, FACP, also both trained in the USA, Dr. Barbara Bova, BHMS, a qualified homeopathic doctor, Dr. Kathy M. McKeehan, Ph.D, and Ms. Petra Heinz, nutritionist.

The fee is $25.00 per day per person for the two week program and includes the program, accommodations, and food.

For information and to set up appointments, please contact:

Dr. V. Rajesh, M.D.


Combined Therapy Program

HIHT, Jolly Grant

Dehra Dun, India 248140 (U.P.) India

Telephone:  91-135-682-081 Ext. 230

FAX:  91-135-682-008

What does the CRx Program involve?

CRx is a patient-centered, residential program treating he whole person mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually using practical, self-help breath-based techniques and complimentary therapies.  These therapies include:

Daily health assessment and holistic medical counseling.

Homeopathic clinics.

Relaxation, breathing exercises and positive reaffirmation techniques.

Special stretching and limbering exercises.

Guided instructions on enhancing self-awareness skills.

Diet assessment and counseling.

Free time for personal activities such as reading, resting and brisk walking.

Opportunity to observe silence to hasten recovery.


Computerized Biofeedback and Stress Profile.

This profile produces analysis of how an individual's habitual response to stress affects them mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Biofeedback training:  The training involves feeding specific physiological responses to the individual to help asses self-awareness, self-control, muscle tension,

skin temperature, quality of respiration, heart rate and blood pressure.


Who will benefit?

All individuals with chronic disorder or who have recovered or are recovering from select acute illness such as high blood pressure, emotional problems like depression, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, other conditions like heart diseases, hypertension, cancer, stomach disorders, ulcers and respiratory disorders such as asthma, Inability to relax and enjoy life like performing one's work happily, and energetically.

This combined therapy, CRx program is applicable to both patients who opt to practise holistic perspectives in their daily lives and those who need to complement their ongoing modern medical treatment.

Program structure:  CRx is a 14-day residential program that allows individuals to participate in structured activities and gradually develop habits that promote self-healing and maintain health.  Determination and regular practice are two vital keys for improvement.  For the duration of their residence in CRx individuals are requested to maintain minimum interaction wit the outside world in order to be free from mental distractions and disturbances.

Intoxicants are not permitted because they create a barrier and delay the achievement of this personalized program.


Recommended items for a comfortable stay: 

Miscellaneous--alarm clock, cassette player with earphones, flashlight, stationery, umbrella and toiletries including laundry soap.

Clothing--loose outfit, sports and jogging shoes, and hat.

Fees:  $25.00 per day per person for two-week duration.  Payment is due upon registration either by cash or draft payable to Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust.


Prerequisites for Admission: 

Advanced registration.

Evaluation of medical history by CRx team.


Alternative accommodations for attendants/relatives at Nanak Saiai is also available within the hospital grounds, when there is a vacancy.

Supporting Program:  In addition to individualized programs, CRx also offers other sessions like three days of Stress Management Awareness.

Ultimate Aim of Program:  To heal themselves presently if necessary, prevent future health challenges and become aware of the past events which may have contributed to the present condition.


Clinical Personnel

Dr. V. Rajesh, MD, DCH is a certified psychiatrist and board certified pediatrician and rehabilitation specialist, USA, with more than 15 years experience in holistic medicine. She was Assistant Professor at Chicago Medical School and New York Medical School, New York.  At the Combined Therapy Department, Dr. Rajesh blends conventional medical treatment with holistic practices and stress profile evaluations to help heal chronic stress disorders.

Dr. Anil Singhal, MD is Chief Neurologist at Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences.  A graduate Neurologist of the University of Illinois, Chicago, USA, and student of the renowned Dr. Hughes (referred to as the Father of the EEG) of the University of Illinois, he practiced in the field of Neuroscience at Chicago for ten years.

Dr. Achala Singhal, MD, FACC, FACP, heads the Cardiology Department, Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, is a board-certified internal medicine practitioner and specialist in cardiovascular diseases.  She was Assistant Professor at Chicago Medical School, USA following her post-graduation from New York Medical School and as a cardiology specialist at Cook County Hospital, Chicago.

Dr. Barbara Bova, BHMS is a qualified homeopathic doctor and a certified yoga instructor with more than ten years of experience in helping patients complement holistic treatment with natural homeopathic prescriptions.  As a member of the Combined Therapy Staff at the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust, she introduces patients to the therapeutic application of hatha yoga in self-healing.

Dr. Kathy M. McKeehan, PhD.'s doctorate is in Nursing and a postdoctoral fellowship in eastern studies from the Himalayan Institute, Honesdale, PA, USA.  She is specially trained in stress management, biofeedback, yoga psychology and exercise.

Ms. Petra Heinze is a nutrition certified yoga instructor from the Himalayan Institute, Honesdale, PA, USA.  She has been practicing and teaching yoga for more than 20 years in America, Germany and India.


The therapist team is led by Dr. Rajesh.