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Swami Veda Bharati

Books & Videos




Superconscious Meditation, $ 13

Introducing step-by-step meditation according to the Himalayan Tradition. Answering questions like: what do I do with the intruding thoughts during meditation?


Mantra and Meditation, $ 15

What are mantras and how are they revealed? The meaning and purpose of initiation. How does an initiator select an appropriate mantra for a given initiate? Life of an initiate.


Philosophy of Hatha Yoga, $ 9

Yoga has no purely physical excercises. The movements and postures are gateways to the subtle body, as they flow along the energy channels. Practical guidance in how to use yoga movements and postures for opening this gateway.


Meditation and the Art of Dying, $ 13

How does a yogi become a master of death? How are the disciples trained on the path of this mastery? The process by which the yogi leaves the body volitionally. Karma, the states between death and the next birth, and the subtle body processes of re-incarnation. Mental exercises done in the corpse position to learn the mastery over the death process.


Yoga Sutras (Volume I), $ 17

Comprehensive and methodical integrated paraphrase of 13 Sanskrit commentaries on the Yoga Sutras. Written from an experimential validation. 500 pages on Chapter 1 of Patanjali.


Yoga Sutras (Volume II) to be available in 1998/99

800 pages on Chapter 2 of Patanjali. Also draws on previously unknown sources, i.e. unpublished manuscripts. Very comprehensive, e.g. nearly 70 ancient texts are compared in a chart concerning the number of the angas of yoga.


Yoga Sutras (Volumes III and IV) in preliminary stages of preparation.


Sayings, $ 10


God, $ 13

God of all religions and none. One wink of God is years. How does God become flesh and yet remain transcendent? "I do not know God, how can I speak of him?" "I do know God, how can I speak of him -- or Her?"


Poems from the Sun

Poems from the Sun (Volume II)



Video Lecture Tapes

Living with Purpose in a World of Change, $ 22




Recent Lectures on Audio Tapes

Mrtyunjaya Mantra seminar, $ 45 (4 tapes)


Living with Purpose in a World of Change, $ 10


Yoga Lifestyles for Peace and Happiness, $ 10


Dynamics of the Subtle Body, $ 10


Progressive Relaxation and Meditation, $ 10



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