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On the behalf of Mr. Joe F. Bodenstein, the Lord of Nörvenich Castle in Germany, we would like to inform you about a unique opportunity to be endowed with a special individual Coat of Arms. The Nörvenich Castle in Germany is authorized to continue this highly respected tradition of our ancestors.

A Coat of Arms in our modern times is special document of the tradition and the creativity of the Coat of Arms holder in our epoch. The right to create a Coat of Arms is based on an individual's right to his uniquely own name. The Coat of Arms will be designed by heraldic experts. In designing the proper sign and symbols, your own wishes and ideas are welcome.

We also need to know from which area in Europe your ancestors came.

You will receive the following:

  1. Original drawing of your Coat of Arms in color, created by a Heraldic expert.
  2. Expert, scientific description of the Coat of Arms
  3. Document on the endowment of the Coat of Arms
  4. Registration in the "Register of the Coats of Arms" of the Nörvenich Castle, Germany.

The cost of the above is $ 1,000.

For an additional fee of $200, your Coat of Arms will be published in a special book. In this publication there are always reproduced about 150 different Coat of Arms of members of royalty, states, and old families. In this way, your Coat of Arms will be officially documented, and will be preserved for reference also for the coming generations.

A copy of this book will be sent to you, free of charge, soon after its publication. The book is a precious document for your heirs.

All the work on your Coat of Arms will be supervised by the Order of Alexander the Great for Art and Science.

To be endowed with a Coat of Arms is an important event. Therefore, please feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Very sincerely yours,

B. John Zavrel

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