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By Christa Wehner-Radeburg





On the eve of the fest, far from the fire

I cross through gates of time gone by,

Draped in a peplos,

freed from the oath.

Remembering those days on faraway shores,

Frolicking branches in whispering glades,

The silver of the olive trees, the green of the laurel

For a wreath of honor to the victorious soul.


The choir of muses

Will carry him afar,

Consecrated on high;

Words arranged

Like the stringing of pearls:

O son of Atlas,

Daring the future,

Bridging Peloponnesus.


I sing and tell tales; I dance and bear

The Olympic flame from lands across the seas.

I pass the lyre to the generations to come,

Draped in a peplos,

bound to the oath,

In the midst of the fest, near the fire,

To the honor of Apollo.

Safeguarding the vessel for the time of peace

In the ancient way.


To the muses, O L Y M P I A !

To the vessel, F I R E !



This poem was composed by the German poet Christa Wehner-Radeburg honoring the spirit of the Olympic Games, inspired by the bronze sculpture GRACE by Arno Breker.

Copyright 1988 by Museum of European Art, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031, USA. Translated from the German by Dr. Benjiman D. Webb.



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