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Dear kin in spirit,


I am happy to share the information with you that we have now begun the teaching and training at the Swami Rama Institute of Meditation in Rishikesh to prepare spiritual guides for the future throught a 3-5-7 year training program, so that the Himalayan Tradition--and its depth of meditation--may continue to be passed on even 50 years from now.

15 swamis and novitiates, and so far 3 students from USA (more expected from USA, Europe, Asia) have begun their studies.

If you know of any prospective seekers--young or mature--seeking this depth of knowledge, please inspire them to come this way.

We are seeking sponsors for each Swami/novitiate under training. At present the entire burden of over $ 150 a month per swami/novitiate trainee is being borne by this self.

One family in Delhi (capital of India) alone has borne the burden of building 32 rooms, dining hall and Knowledge Center for the Gurukulam. We now need help with landscaping (8 acres), office equipment, library, etc. and faculty support!

Please write at info@themeditationcenter.org and srsg@sancharnet.in


For contatcing me personally, please write at tadit369@yahoo.com



On the other hand, let us just meet in the Mind Temple at the meditation time(s).



With love and blessings,

Yours in service of Gurudeva

Swami Veda Bharati



December 29, 2003