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A Brief Report on Swami Veda's Travels


Swami Veda entering the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem at the Church of Nativity on December 14, 2003.


October 6-14, 2003 ......Florence, Italy including weekend silence retreat and visit to Himalayan Institute Florence.

October 16......Oxford

October 17-24......England Silence Retreat

October 27......Flight Londoný NY

October 28......Lecture in New York: Arya Spiritual Center

October 29......Depart for Tokyo-Taipei

October 29-November 4......Ma Tapasya's Retreat Center in Taiwan

November 4-6 ...... Singapore. Satsang at Raj Verma's

November 6 ...... Flight to Delhi

November 8 &endash; December 2 ...... Started Gurukulam program, interviewed students, started intensive training of Gurukulam students

December 6-9 ...... Regional Conference of World Parliament of Religions

December 9 ...... Flight from Delhi to Mumbai to Amman, Jordan

December 10 ...... Flight from Amman to Tel Aviv, Israel

December 11-14, 2003 ...... World Council of Religious Leaders' delegation to study Israel-Palestine situation. Daily extensive conferences 9 AM to 9 PM.

Met with: Sefardic Chief Rabbi; Chief Rabbi of Israel; Anglican Bishop; Papal Nuncio; His Beatitude Greek Patriarch of Jerusalem and other dignitaries of the Greek Orthodox Church (including Bishop of Moscow); Prime Minister of Palestine; Conference with Palestinian academics (including the directory of El Aqsa Mosque &endash;--"The Temple Mount") at Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs; Advisors to the Prime Minister of Israel -- and so forth. A "Look-Listen-Learn" mission, with suggestions of non-violent solutions.




Bethlehem: the birth cave (manger) of Jesus in the Church of Nativity (an overwhelming experience); Church at the Village of the Shepherds

Jerusalem: Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Western Wall, etc.


Swami Veda bowing before the Mother Mary and baby Jesus at the Church of Nativity


December 15, 2003 ...... Night flights Tel Aviv &endash; Amman &endash; Mumbai

December 16-18 ...... With Zoroastrian Community of Mumbai

December 19 ...... Delhi: meetings

December 21-24 ...... Silence Retreat at Ashram

December 20-31, 2003 ...... Continue with:

1. Teaching Gurukulam

2. Organising Gurukulam

3. Planning for February events


During the same time: datelines. Must write:

1. Proposals arising out of Israel-Palestine visit

2. Proposals for Ethics' Initiatives of UN Millennium World Peace Summit

3. A number of other proposals/booklets


The birth cave of Jesus in Bethlehem.



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