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Happy birthday, Birgit Sewekow

European painter turns 60--Grand opening in May


The artist Birgit Sewekow selects a poster-motive for her art exhibition in May, 2006. On the right is Marco Bodenstein, the curator of the European Art Foundation (www.europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org). The lithographed poster shows the painting "The Bridge of Memory".

© Marco-VG, Bonn



Berlin/Noervenich (bpb) Happy birthday, Birgit Sewekow! The great European painter becomes 60 years old. On this occasion the European Art Foundation honors the charming lady with an exhibition at the Museum of European Art at the Noervenich Castle (near Cologne) in Germany. The Grand Opening will take place on May 21, 2006 in the afternoon.

"We are expecting international guests from other European countries and USA", said Marco Bodenstein, the curator of the Foundation. The art show will be open from May to September. The event is under patronage of the Order Alexander the Great pour le mérite (Paris). "The Laudatio will be held by the Chancellor of the Order, Consul B.John Zavrel", Bodenstein said.

"Birgit Sewekow is an outstanding artist of our time", stressed the curator. "Her unique oeuvre is inspired by the traditional European culture of the past centuries. She is a master of colors as Marc Chagall was. Sewekow combines tradition and modernism in her art."


The Museum offers a catalogue (both in English and German): "Birgit Sewekow, a Painter in Europe" and an art poster for sale.

You can order at info@europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org and zavrel@meaus.com





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