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Sunday, May 6th

Vedic Cultural Centre, Markham, 11AM to 3:00 PM

(including lunch, noon to 1PM)

Unifying Streams in Religion

Special Interfaith Event; Prayers of Unity from representatives of different Faith groups.

Presentation to the Scarboro Mission for its contribution in Promoting Interfaith Dialogue.



Monday, May 7th

Vishnu Mandir, Richmond Hill, 7PM to 9:30PM

Entering the Profound - Beyond Time and Space

Selected Readings from the Upanishads



Wednesday, May 9th

Vedic Cultural Centre, Markham, 7PM to 9:30PM

Yoga Meditation as Self-Therapy

Dimensions of Yoga Meditation as taught by the Himalayan Sages


Author of many books including 1500 pages extensive commentary on chapters one and two of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Swami Veda is well versed in the scriptures of all major religions and understands many languages which allows him to teach Meditation to people of different faiths, - Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs - from within their own scriptural and meditative traditions. Given his familiarity with all known meditative traditions and the different schools of Eastern and Western philosophies, the Buddhists are given Buddhist Mantras, the Christians are guided in accordance with the rich Christian meditative and contemplative traditions, and so forth.


Amar Erry: 905 471-1211, Anand Rupnarain: 416 422-2295, Doodnath Ross: 416 412-2169, Deo Kernahan: 416 241-5848

Vedic Centre 4345, 14th Avenue, Markham; 905 475-5778 www.hronline.com/aryasamaj; Scarboro Interfaith Committee: 41 6261-7135

Vishnu Mandir: 8640 Yonge St., Richmond Hill; 905 886-1724

Swami Veda: http://www.meaus.com; http://www.bindu.org;

Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society of Ontario: 905 479-9657, Email: ckhanna@msn.com