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Renate Stendar Turns 81


The European sculptor and painter Renate Stendar has celebrated her 81st birthday in Hamburg, Germany.

Having lived with her husband, the famous actor Wolfgang Stendar in Zurich, Switzerland for many years, upon his retirement the couple moved to Hamburg. Even at her high age, Renate Stendar continues to be active and works on her sculptures and new paintings.

A year ago, a large exhibition showing the life work of the talented artist was shown at the Nörvenich Castle near Köln in Germany. The museum has a permanent exhibiton of Renate Stendar works. For more details, in Germany call Gallery MARCO in Bonn, telephone 0228-65 12 08, fax 0228-69 79 33.

The painting RENATE STENDAR AND THE SUN, created by the American painter Mary McAndrew, is now in the collection of the Museum of European Art.


The painter Mary McAndrew with her painting of Renate Stendar.



 Mary McAndrew

 Renate Stendar




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