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The Perennial in the Millennium

By Swami Veda Bharati


Swami Veda Bharati 



Prophet, Soothsayer, Sage,

What will the next thousand years be like?


I did plant thornbushes;

Won't you bless me with lilies as I wander in this time path?


I made of my offspring as marauders,

Won't you pray for them to be wise

So they flourish, prosper, and sweeten the bitter seas.


Will they, or will they not?

What will the next thousand years of my generations be like?

Prophet, won't you prophesy?


The prophet from the divine thunder roars;

The Sage within our soul whispers.


The next thousand years will be whatever you have chosen today to make of them.


Uproot the thornbushes now; plant the lilies instead and the time paths of your generations will be paved with soft fragrant petals, each petal an achievement from your labor at interior purifications.

Sweeten your minds and the waters of the earth will remain sweet, and be sweeter still by the year.

The plants and trees will flourish, will provide shade, yield fruits, hold the soil fast to fasten the clay against erosions and rampant floods; The plentiful herbs will remain potent to grant remedies for illnesses.

The earth's breast will be suckled and not be cruelly dug into, nor shall Gaia be sold as a slave girl for the price of a puff of the chimney smoke.

The streams and waters will flow fresh and clear, granting life to all whose roots or lips sip of them gently. The rains will quench and soothe and not burn the skin nor scorch the vestment.

The earth's blue silk scarf will wave unstained and unfurl the unbethought

Vigor that only Mother's love can confer.

The human kingdom shall lay no claim to the possession of the planet.

In trust alone shall we hold it.

The nutrition will be obtained from foods fresh, gathered sans hurt and violence, not dripping blood, nor sucking the life from those who till the earth, and this food will nourish as accorded by the season, first your mind and thereby the physical self.

Our brother kingdoms of the four-footed, the winged, those crawl on the belly and those that dive with fins shall not be held captive nor shall any from our kingdom spill their blood, not for gluttony nor for a warped urge for recreation. The human species having forgotten the feel of fear, all species shall roam in amity with humanity with cordial right of the way mutually accorded.

Relationships shall be nurtured so as to pay all one's debts, to learn from those in a different age group, gender, family station, and not for one wielding power and the other tremblingly yielding to reasonless display.

The law of love will enforce itself, needing no exterior enforcers.

The virtue shall be its own power of defense needing no defender.

The matters of polity will provide occasion to test one's inclination for consensus and not to confront and contest. Any contests will be to test one's own depth in virtue.

Humanity shall embark on expeditions of unceasing conquests over its interior maligning forces driving deep the one-pointed lances of silence.

All the boundaries dividing the earth shall have crumbled like the wall of Berlin. All regimes will have fallen, only the cultures shall govern themselves in mutual honor and sharing of all that is inspired.

The children will be honored for their purity, not that their wings be clipped in mid-sky-soaring, nor shall entertainments sully their white mantles of innocent light. The primary teaching will be to help cultivate a personal philosophy of life, and the secondary - to enjoy the pleasure of living by that philosophy, and the highest education will be the realization of spiritual self.

Education will be designed to free the souls from bondage of the identities of matter. It shall not be a privilege of the few, empowering of the yet fewer, enslaving of many to the drudgeries of the meaningless simply to provide bread to a starving table. Women, philosophers, sages - it is they who will educate with assistance from the instructors who are guided by love to an intuitive entry into the hearts of their mind's beloved children.

Because the ancient mind arts will be revived en masse, the knowledge of all sciences shall be gained in very short time periods, not weighing the minds down with burdensome loads but gaining access to the hidden chambers by the shortest route.

Those who delve into the mysteries of nature's realities and discover truths unbeknown before shall link them also to an unveiling of the mysteries of spirit's realities, so a soul shall give life to the bodies of sciences.

No group shall be denied entry into the ceremonial, ritual, celebration, sacrament of another, nor shall any criticize nor be forced to adopt whatever is alien to one, but is fulfillment of another. All shall bow in reverence to the alien thought, word, act, and person.

All religions will share space in the same temple-synagogue-cathedral-mosque, all congregating side by side, each worshipping by his book, his revelation. Each shall thus honor in reverence the priest and the celebrant, the monk and the devotee of the other. All will sing glory to saints of all centuries, of all the chosen peoples, making votive offerings of silence or of song, knowing God by No-name, and by all Her names.

The bards and poets, and not analysts, will preserve the epic and the song which they will sing and recite by heart by bon-fires burning all the nights in all the villages and communities and suburbs, nor shall any tongue be considered lesser than any other.

The entire humanity will tirelessly dedicate itself to collecting, preserving, passing on as invaluable inheritance the texts of all that is wise and sacred. Each individual will value these repositories of knowledge as wealth to be gathered, as gems to be treasured.

Recreation and entertainment shall be an enriching of the soul's beauty and not a restive commotion produced from and feeding the mind's cravings for the unnamable, momentary, fleeting satisfactions by sensation. Trading in human bodies shall have ceased, for, all will worship the soul housed in this form. So shall commerce in sport be abolished, for sport to be an enrichment of human value.

Knowing the body's cure to be in the body and the whole person's health in the mind, the malignancies of malign emotion shall first be prevented and then eliminated if still risen. By the juice of the whole herb and the root shall the body's wellness saps be nurtured, by harmonious nutrition enriched, nor shall they be weakened by unguarded indulgence.

The light in the mineral, the ambrosia in the thorn weed and thistle, and the nectar in the venom shall be extracted by the sanguine to oil life's flame, to add liquid lusture to every fluid drop that courses in the vein, but in season, by the lunar phase, with prayer seeking permission to take the least, not plundering to extinction. Currents of energies, guided by the waves generated in the deep repositories of the mind and brain shall be re-channeled to impart to every cell and organ the glow of health and the blessing of longevity.

The speech will be soft, not carrying ego-nurtured assertiveness, nor threatening, nor louder nor more verbose than absolutely necessary for benevolent effectiveness.

The crafts will fulfil the soul's longing for beauty, the goods produced to cater to need and never for greedy hoarding. Nor shall possessions be the measure of a person's worth but of his capacious heart given to sharing in charity and love. Nor shall position be an exhibit of power but a way to satisfy the innate urge to serve in humbleness of love.

Occupations and the economies will be pursuits to add to the earth's green mantle, to help all to savor the opportunities for beauteous creativity devoted to granting comfort to the relatively deprived. Nor shall any fetus suffer from absence of micro-nutrition, nor shall a single seasoned aged elder curl up to sleep hungry, alone, uncared-for. There shall be no wasting of the surplus, thereby no dearth of the essential.

The cities of today shall be remembered as cancers that have been cured, all cells restored, life saps replenished. People shall make their dwellings least visible, partially underground, and above these shall flourish green gardens where the beings of all kingdoms of the earth roam freely, lounge in the shades of trees, drink amply of the streams restored to invigorating freshness.

This past millennium shall be remembered with shudder as the dark ages bereft of enlightenment, this cluster of centuries as the most destructive ever, the memory of which causes not a savor but a shudder. The nations that war inside each human skull shall have signed a treaty of perpetual peace within, and thus shall the spectre of war, famine, untreated disease, shelterlessness cease for the vast masses whose hurt will now be assuaged with prevalence of love as the primary qualification for the masters, nay, the wisdom-endowed guides, of polity.

The science and the soul having been reunited so as to be conducive to human affections, all work will be done through vastly refined electronics and communicated by means of harmless rays. Nor shall any human endeavor cause to pour even a particle of killing poison into the air held sacred.

Men and women shall worship each other's beauteous souls that have rendered their forms so magnetically charged. It is in worship that they will learn to unite and not in the throes of lust that is unmindful of the Deity whose temple the partner in embrace is. From such a union that is a sacrament offered to Divinity, the future generations shall be brought forth in consideration of the earth's resource.

Dissenters and disputants will learn the art of merger of diverse faces of truth, each one learning to stand where the opponent stood and shall espouse his cause against one's own.

All that was considered opposite heretofore shall be revealed as complementary, to be savored in its richness, so that a mind shall not be coerced into having to choose between its night and its day but shall value equally the day's lights and the night's silences, even carrying light into the night and bringing forward silence into the day, for life's completeness.

Whether the human embarks on adventures into outer spaces or stays firmly rooted in earth, his journey into vast internal spaces shall be his primary adventure. Here in this depth of the interior sky shall one view wonders of micro-worlds and macro-universes of uncountable varieties.

The beings shall live not by the contemporary temporal, nor by the restricted spatial but by the ever expansive perennial.

Each individual will value and preserve all that is conducive to harmony, gentle thought, beauteous speech, modest claim, realization of the spiritual self within,


the civilization will be governed

by the love and wisdom of the woman,

by the understanding of the philosopher,

by the vision of the sage and the saint.

And it shall be so, because the minds will have been guided into a contemplative, self-observant, aware habit and the meditations will have replaced all negative imageries that sully the stream of clear reason, pure intuition, grace of revelation.

It shall be so henceforth. So shall it be in the year 3001, if you so choose to make it.

Grace and blessing of Divinity's Infinity, and of all Her Mind's children, the saints of all ages and peoples, will guide, nourish, nurture the millennium if you will it so in surrender to the Perennial.

The lily petals of your meditations will make your time paths, and of all the generations to come, beauteous and fragrant.

Such shall be the next millennium.

If you simply will it so.

So shall it indeed come to pass.




Swami Veda Bharati

On November 23, 1999, in South Africa


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