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Europe Honors the Inventor of the Pacemaker


 Dr. Wilson Greatbatch, the inventor of the implantable pacemaker.


Paris/Clarence. A high honor for the inventor of the implantable heart pacemaker Wilson Greatbatch. The 75-year-old scientist became a Knight of the Order of Alexander the Great for Science and Art. This organization, founded under the patronage of the Greek Royal House, honors the achievements of artists and scientists for their accomplishments in the service of humanity and peace.

For the presentation of the documents arrived a delegation from Europe. On the behalf of the Grandmaster of the Order, Roger Peyrefitte, Joe F. Bodenstein, the Lord of Nörvenich Castle, handed over the document. The traditional Alexander-dinner, the so-called "First Supper" was given by B. John Zavrel. Present were among others Mrs. Eleanor Greatbatch, the eldest son Warren Greatbatch, daughter Anne Maciariello, and the youngest son Peter Greatbatch. To the European delegation belonged the sculptor Kurt Arentz, who made bronze portraits of the U.S. Presidents George Bush and Ronald Reagan.

Mr. Bodenstein said in his laudatio: "Esteemed Wilson Greatbatch. Through your life and accomplishments you have given much to the society. You have pursued an idea quietly and with modesty, and reached the goal through your endurance and determination.

With the invention of the implantable heart pacemaker you have helped more people in the world than could have been achieved by the great technique of heart transplants developed in South Africa by Professor Bernard. With your life work you have not only made a contribution for the good of humanity, but you have become an example for the young generation, not to give up on their path of research and inventing for the benefit of mankind."

Wilson Greatbatch now belongs to a circle of men and women from various areas of endeavor, who have been honored by the Alexander Order. Among them were Leonard Bernstein, as well as the sculptors Isamu Noguchi and Alexander Calder.


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