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Jan Künster - THE HORSE IN ART

Ronald Reagan sends greetings and praise for Jan Künster

By Arnulf Damerau


An exhibition entitled "The Horse in Art," displaying the works of painter Jan Künster, has evoked great interest. The Museum of European Art in Nörvenich, located between Bonn and Cologne, exhibited 185 pictures by the well-known German painter of horses. The artist works from a realistic perspective. His horses in motion fascinate not only laymen, but experts as well.

Künster is a pleasant, calm and discrete painter. That is perhaps one of the reasons that he has such prominent clients, from Japan to Europe to the United States. Even Queen Elizabeth II has some of his pictures in her collection. It is no wonder that Künster has painted Ronald Reagan's horse 'El Alamein.' A colored lithograph of this Arab stallion was also exhibited in Germany. Before approximately 800 guests, Mr. B. John Zavrel, president of the U.S. Museum of European Art, extended greetings from Ronald Reagan.

Among the guests were politicians, diplomats, athletes and artists. Professor Alphons Silbermann, who lived for a long time in the United States and is now in Germany, spoke on the mythology of the horse and its portrayal in the fine arts over the course of thousands of years.

As patron of the exhibition, Dr. Reiner Klimke, Germany's most successful dressage rider, praised the painter: "Jan Künster paints horses just as they are--vital, sensitive and beautiful. In so doing he continues a great tradition. Even more, he delights horse-lovers of today and arouses the interest of young people."

Among the guests were many children and young people. Hunting-horn blowing, horseback riding, and driving in old coaches were all part of the varied program. Excellent food was provided by the well-known Bavarian cook Alfons Schuhbeck, who owns the 'Kurhaus-Stueberl' restaurant in Waging on the Lake near Munich.


On the occasion of this exhibition, the colored lithograph 'El Alamein' was published. It shows Ronald Reagan's Arab stallion, on handsome paper, size 13 x 19 inches, limited edition, handsigned by the artist. It is sold for $180 only and includes a certificate of authenticity. (Available from West-Art Gallery, P.O. Box 279, Clarence, NY 14031)..



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