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Guru-purnima 2001


Swami Veda, a disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas.


Dear fellow wave in the Oceanward river of light,

The gravity pull of the earthly dense objects pulls all things downwards. The flame of spirit is pulled in the opposite direction by the Guru's upwards pull. May you be pulled upwards like a flame. Be a flame of light to all thereafter.

A subtle sound is heard in the ears, an un-nameable flavour is percolated into the taste-buds of the soul. The song that lay asleep in the recesses beyond mind begins to float up and becomes music on the tongue. A touch of lightning into every pore. To those who have washed themselves; to those who have purified; to those who have made sacred their home; the walking, blinking, thinking, feeling home that has been built by the bricks of karma and the mortar of samskaras.

The Guru comes to perform a sacred ceremony in this home of yours. Have you truly washed the house clean? Have you spread out the welcome mat ? Have you set his seat where he may be offered the five offerings of the senses, that he may consume them and leave you senseless? That from that seat he may speak the inspirations so subtle only the soul without physical ears can hear? For, the Guru is a sight only the soul without physical eyes can see.

May your physical eyes and ears and mouths of all senses be shut this day and your prana and mind be set as twin chalices on the altar to be filled with the amrita of Guru-Grace. As a priest's offering may you give him your beclouded identification with karma-brick-samskara-mortar-built home so that the Guru may leave you homeless and give you wings to roam freely with the light-breathing celestials.

On this day of Guru-purnima a special rain falls upon humankind that soaks only the soul. Those who have somewhat attenuated the body cloaks would feel the drenching by the Guru-shakti.

May you be drenched through and through never to feel the dryness of the world's deserts again.

On this day the Guru descends into our prana and mind to make us sacred. May His presence within you be a strong vibration, for this day be such a memory that remains your interior companion throughout the year till he returns to descend again.

See you in the Ocean but who will be the seer who will be the seen, all in the Guru.



With profound blessings,


Swami Veda Bharati

Disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas


July 5, 2001


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