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Leverkusen, Germany. A great birthday celebration of Mrs. Elfie Wörner, the wife of the late German Defense Minister and NATO Secretary General Manfred Woerner, took place at a castle in Germany in the presence of more than 550 invited guests.

They all came together to honor Elfie Wörner on her 60th birthday. Many high ranking politicians and public figures came to honor the popular lady, who has quietly worked behind the scenes to promote international understanding through her long-time engagement in arts and culture.

Her late husband, Manfred Wörner was a engaged for many years in the hard fight for freedom and peace in Europe. A great friend of America, both Ronald Reagan and George Bush held him in high respect. Once, the former President George Bush--seeing a photograph of Manfred Wörner in a book--said to a visitor at his Kennebunkport estate: "This man--he is a hero!'

And there is no wonder that Elfie Wörner received also a special congratulation message from the former American president, who is still very popular not only in Germany, but also in the countries formerly occupied by the Soviet Union--Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic.

The international Order of Alexander the Great for Art and Science awarded Elfie Wörner an honorary membership on this occasion. The document, signed by the acting Grandmaster of the Order, the American inventor Dr. Wilson Greatbatch, was handed over the the celebrant by the prominent German sculptor Kurt Arentz from Leverkusen.

Speech of Kurt Arentz

on the occasion

of the presentation of the document

of the Alexander Order

to Mrs. Elfi Wörner


August 3, 2001


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Esteemed Mrs. Wörner!

May I enrich the congratulations on your birthday today with greetings from far away and with a special honor.

On the behalf of the Alexander Order for Art and Science, I present you, dear Mrs. Wörner, the certificate of Honorary Membership in this spiritual society.

The Alexander Order considers it to be its duty to promote culture and science, and at the same time make contributions to understanding on all levels among people.

This society was especially active after 1945, under the patronage of the former Greek King Paul II and the Queen Friederike, who came originally from Germany, and of the first President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Professor Theodor Heuß.

In the year 1990, the society was renewed by the French writer Roger Peyrefitte, and above all, membership was opened to women. To the first new members of the Order belonged the lady theologian Prof. Dr. Uta Ranke-Heinemann and the Israeli writer Ruth Zucker.


Dear Mrs. Wörner,

with this membership we like to honor your public engagement, as well as your quiet work that you had begun as the wife of the German politician Manfred Wörner, and which you continue in such an exemplary manner even today.

In addition to the document, may I hand over to you, as a personal gift from the acting Grandmaster Dr. Wilson Greatbatch, his book with a personal dedication.

Dr. Greatbatch in the USA is the inventor of the implantable heart pacemaker. This invention has brought much good to the people. Today, at the age of 81 years, the scientist continues to work on new research projects.

On the special occasion of accepting a new Honorary Member, we always remember the names of former members who are no longer with us. To them belong among others the President Francois Mitterrand, Salvador Dali, Professor Peter Ludwig and the writer Ernst Jünger.

Our thought are also with the former President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, who has been living away from the public spotlight for several years now. In a special way we are also connected with the former President George Bush, who has sent his own personal greetings to Mrs. Wörner.


Highly esteemed celebrant,

hereby I present you the document, signed by the Grandmaster and by the Chancellor of the Order, Consul John Zavrel. With it you have our sincere wishes for a further successful engagement in our democratic society.




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