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Barack Obama with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Chancellor's Office in Berlin The photograph was taken in July, 2008 when the newly elected president visited Germany. In the future, Obama and Merkel want a close transatlantic cooperation. For our article, see German Chancellor Merkel: Good Luck, Mr. President ...

Photograph: bpb/ro


News from Museum of European Art ...

*** Membership Application--ARTISTS' CIRCLE

ART METROPOLIS 2008--WELCOME, by B. John Zavrel

ART METROPOLIS 2008--Art and Our Heritage, by Joe F. Bodenstein



Candles on the 7-armed Candleholder Menorah radiated their mild light on the Nörvenich Castle. The silver-plated candleholder is from the collection of sacral objects of the Museum Europäische Kunst. The Menorah is one of the most significant religious symbols of Judaism. At the founding of the State of Israel, it was placed into its official coat-of-arms. The Menorah also symbolizes enlightenment. The number seven signifies, among other things, the wisdom of God. For our article, see Erinnerung an Jüdisches Leben in Nörvenich ...

© Foto Marco-VG, Bonn


Boulevard News & Photographs ... 

*** Erinnerung an Jüdisches Leben in Nörvenich, von Marco J. Bodenstein

German Chancellor Merkel: Good Luck, Mr. President, by B. John Zavrel

ZDF-Gala Hand in Hand: Über 4,3 Millionen Euro für die Deutsche Krebshilfe, von Joe F. Bodenstein 


What world leaders think, speak and write ...



The 2008 Nobel Prize for Literature: Jean-Marie Le Clezio. For our article, see French author Le Clezio wins Nobel Literature Prize ...


Literature & Poetry ... 

*** French author Le Clezio wins Nobel Literature Prize


Events and develoments around the world ...

*** In Germany: Gedenken an die Pogromnacht von 1938

We have hope, but real change in America represents an immense task, by John Chuckman




 May Lindstrom gives an interview about her work as model to John LeKay. For the interview, visit MAY LINDSTROM

Photo copyright: Larry White, SITTING


New Exhibitions & Arts News ...  

*** Arno Breker Figuren auf Auktion in Paris, von Georges Raphall

Bridges Art Gallery - Owen Sound, Ontario: Programs in November 2008

Die Malerin Helga Tiemann ist gestorben, von B. John Zavrel



History and Art History in Facts & Photos ... 


One of the most beautiful sculptures of a woman in the art of the 20th century: EOS by Arno Breker. The plaster cast of the original bronze will be auctioned in December in Paris. The model was a beautiful woman, who lived in 1940s in Europe. For our article, see Figures by Arno Breker on auction in Paris ...

Foto: Cat/Paris



Interviews, Lectures, Speeches & Eye-Witness Reports ...

The inventor Wilson Greatbatch, by B. John Zavrel



Charles, the Prince of Wales, celebrates his 60th birthday on November 14, 2008. The Crwon Prince has been over the year involved in many project for the benefit of others. Ecological problems, especially the rain forests in the Amazon area, have been one of his great interests. He is one of the recipients of the 'ECOLOGICAL EAGLE AWARD', created in the 1980s by the European sculptor Kurt Arentz.


The Order of Alexander the Great for Art and Science ...

*** Application for Membership - OAG

The Order of Alexander the Great ( general information )

THE ORDER OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT ( selected articles )

A Castle for the Alexander Order



German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a memorial service in the historical Synagog on the Rykestrasse in Berlin. The synagogue was built in 1904, and due to its seating capacity it is considered the largest Jewish temple in Germany. The building, which was located in the former East Berlin, was extensively remodelled after the unification of Germany. For our article, see In Germany: Gedenken an die Pogromnacht von 1938 ...

Foto: RO/bpb


Art of Our Time & Offers to Art Collectors ...

*** Bildhauer Detlef Krebs mit Bronze „Bärenstark" bei Ars Mundi

Books from Museum of European Art


Yoga Science & Philosophy in the 21st Century ...

Swami Veda: States of Consciousness (Part 1)

Friends of Gurukulam. A selection of articles by and about Swami Veda.


Music and Film ... 

Film Festival 2008 in Greece

ODE TO JOY, by Beethoven. Conductor, Herbert von Karajan



Port Lockroy landing area and the side view of Bransfield House.  For our article, see JOURNEY TO ANTARCTICA: Port Lockroy, Paradise Bay and "setting foot" ...


Travel and sightseeing around the world ...

JOURNEY TO ANTARCTICA: Port Lockroy, Paradise Bay and "setting foot", by Kate Woodward (Part 10)


Health, Science, Economics and Ecology ...


Very pleased was recently the president of the German Cancer Aid society, Prof. Dr. Dagmar Schipanski, at this gala performance on the TV station ZDF. This successful cancer society was founded by the former German first lady, Mildred Scheel. The charming TV host Carmen Nebel had made clear in her first broadcast of the program „Hand in Hand" that anyone can become sick with cancer. For this reason, donations to the German Cancer Aid society are well spent, in order to fight this horrible disease. The photo shows Prof. Schipanski and Carmen Nebel, surrounded by yourn artists of the musical „Starlight Express". The gentleman in white in the center is the well-known TV chef Ralf Zacherl. He mainly supports the fight against cancer in children. For our article, see ZDF-Gala Hand in Hand ...

Foto: Max Kohr, ZDF/Marco-VG


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