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Eagle „Liberty" in the Alexander Castle in Germany

The Chancellor of the OAG shows to the "King of the Air' the meeting place of the Knights of Alexander



The Chancellor of the Alexander Order, B. John Zavrel (left) lets the presidential eagle „Liberty" fly at the Noervenich Castle near Cologne, Germany. A large bronze sculpture of this bald-headed eagle, created by Kurt Arentz can be seen at the Museum Schloss Nörvenich, and in USA at the Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York. A small version is in the "Ronald Reagan Collection".

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Washington/Berlin (bbp) The bald-headed eagle „Liberty", which is on the US official coat-of-arms and also an emblem of the Order of Alexander the Great, has made an official visit to the Noervenich Castle in Germany. It was no ordinary eagle, but a very special one. It was a magnificent eagle from the "Liberty and Freedom Dynasty" of the famous breeder Horst Niesters from the breeding station Hellenthal in Germany.

Consul B. John Zavrel, the Chancellor of the Alexander Order, introduced the noble animal to the guests (photo). 'This eagle has also another special meaning, and I would even like to say: a histicical meaning in the bilateral US-German relations', said Zavrel.

The US President Ronald Reagan has received during his official visit in Bonn from the German Chancellor at the time, Helmut Schmidt, the pair of eagles "Freedom" and "Liberty" as a state gift, so that the eagles could be bred in America.

Then, the sculptor Kurt Arentz made a sculpture of the eagle "Liberty" in the wildlife refuge of Horst Niesters. Today, a larger-than-life bronze eagle stands at the Noervenich Castle near Cologne, Germany. Another bronze eagle watches over the Alexander Garden of the Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York.

Eagles that were bred by the master falconer and wildlife photographer Horst Niesters have sat upon the elbows of many statesmen during their official visits in Germany. Also the US President George Bush and the Soviet chief of state Michael Gorbatchev belong the those courageous men who showed no fear of powerful animals with hooked, sharp beaks.


„Liberty" as a small bronze sculpture for friends of art and patriots

On the suggestion from President Ronald Reagan, the sculptor Kurt Arentz created a medium size bronzes of the Liberty eagle. They are now available "for friends of art and patriots". The bronze eagles are offered for sale to support the Museum of European Art in the United States.

Interested persons from the United States and Canada can contact the Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York at zavrel@meaus.com , or in Europe at schloss-noervenich@gmx.de. There they will receive information about ordering these fine bronzes. Shipments to Europe are also possible.

Every bronze sculpture of the limited edition is shipped with a certificate of authenticity.



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