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'Iranian Spring 2007' 



Tehran/New York (meaus) The first exhibition of poetry and painting titled 'Iranian Spring' opened recently in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, with some 413 artists participating in the event.

The painting section features 200 works by 118 artists, while 28 poets are participating in the typography section with 33 works.

A scientific seminar took place alongside the exhibition in the museum.

Fatemeh Rakei, the chairman of the seminar, said that the idea of holding poetry and painting seminars was first proposed by Al Zahra University's Poetry and Painting Research Center. The events aim to promote research on interdisciplinary fields, which have so far been neglected. Educational courses have also been designed for the purpose, he noted.

Rakei, also the head of Iran's Poets Association, said that in meetings between the association, Arts Academy and Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, the two institutes agreed to plan and implement the project in cooperation with Artistic Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry, Arts Academy, Visual Arts Faculty and Tehran University's Fine Arts Faculty.

"We are seeking assistance from international bodies such as UNESCO to introduce Iranian poetry and painting to the world, and world's poetry and painting to the country," she said.

"In the coming years, we will focus on poetry and calligraphy, poetry and graphic designing, poetry, theater and cinema, poetry and music and poetry and traditional arts," Rakei concluded.  


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