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Portrait-busts by Arentz in Berlin

The German politician Momper had the fabulous idea for a Gallery of Ancestors


By Joe F. Bodenstein


A ceremony in the Parliament in Berlin: The sculptor Kurt Arentz at the unveiling of his portrait-bust „Peter Lorenz". With him is Prof. Dr. Christoph Stölzl, Vice President of the Berlin Parliament. The host was the President of the Parliament, Walter Momper.

© Foto Marco-VG, Bonn



Berlin (bpb) The Parliament House of the city-state of Berlin has on exhibition portrait-busts which remind the public about the former presidents of this parliament. This is a great idea of the current President of the Parliament, Walter Momper.

This initiative of the Social-democrat politician was carried out in cooperation with his deputy, Prof. Dr. Christoph Stölzl, from the Christian-democrats. . Among the guests of honor at this festive event were the sculptor Kurt Arentz and his wife Therese. Two powerful portraits by Arentz have been created for the Berlin Parliament: Peter Lorenz and Jürgen Wohlrabe.

The realization of such projects corresponds to the concept of the European Art Foundation Berlin and the Museum Europäische Kunst at the Nörvenich Castle near Cologne These institutions actively promote wide appreciation of contemporary artists.


In the Gallery of Ancestors, the eyewitnesses of Berlin's political history include also Ernst Reuter (1889-1953). The portrait, influenced by the abstractstyle, was created by Bernhard Heiliger, a master-student of Arno Breker (1900-1991).

Willy Brandt (1913-1992) was immortalized in bronze by Wieland Förster.

The bust Otto Bach (1899-1981) comes from the sculptor Heinz Spilker, who belongs to the artists' circle based around the art museum at the Noervenich Castle.

The bronze of Walter Schreiber (1894-1958) is by Paul Gruson.

For the portrait of Friedrich Ebert (1871-1925), the artist's name is given as "unknown".

The Social-democrat Otto Braun (1872-1955), among others the Prussian Prime Ministers in the years 1920-1933, is presented in the Gallery of Predecessors with a bust by Hermann Bachert, cast in iron. The only female of the famous 'old guard' of artists is Renée Sintenis, represented with her portrait „Otto Suhr" (1894-1957).



Hanna-Renate Laurin, a leading politician in the post-World War II era, in conversation with the sculptor Kurt Arentz at the 2006 festive event in the Berlin Parliament.

© Foto Marco-VG



The Laurin portrait by the sculptress Antoinette

The latest portrait of the Christian-democrat female politician Hanna-Renate Laurin was created by the contemporary sculptress Antoinette. The artist, who lives in Berlin, portrayed Hanna-Renate Laurin well by expressing the fine sensitivity of the 78-year old lady, who was highly repected during her active years as Minister of Culture of Rheinland-Pfalz as well as a politician in Berlin from 1981 to 1995.

The festive event in the Berlin Parliament was enriched with lecturer and music. Sabine and Michael Brand sounded melodies on saxophone and guitar, which fitted well to Berlin: A friend, a good friend, My small green cactus, and Today is the most beautiful day in my life.

The European Art Foundation Berlin has expressly praised the initiative of the Parliament President Walter Momper. "It is exemplary for all when also in such a great institution are honored those politicians, who have made contributions to the establishment of democracy in Berlin and in German", said the curator Thomas Blumann.



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