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Arno Breker Schwerin Books

English Edition by West-Art, USA


Arno Breker on the cover of the book "A Life for the Beautiful". It contains more than 500 photographs of works from every decade, including the Classical Period from 1930 to 1945.

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New York (bpb) The great art of Arno Breker is shown at present in the city of Schwerin in Germany. The exhibition, supported by the German government, has opened up a controversial discussion across the country. There is an exclusive English language edition on Arno Breker by West-Art in USA, with following books:


Arno Breker: His Art and Life ( $ 15)

Collected Writings of Arno Breker ($ 20)

Arno Breker: Divine Beauty in Art ($ 15)

A Life for the Beautiful ($ 75)


In the United States, you can easily order these publications by and about this famous European sculptor of the 20th century; e-mail zavrel@meaus.com

In Europe, contact by e-mail museum@europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org . Books on the art of Arno Breker, a friend of Salvador Dalí, Ernst Fuchs, Aristide Maillol, Alexander Calder and many other leading artists of his time are a "must" also for students, art-historians, art colleges and libraries in USA.

Beside the exhibition in the "Schleswig-Holstein House" in Schwerin, art lovers can see works of Arno Breker on permanent exhibition at the Noervenich Castle at the town of Noervenich, near Cologne ( in the Rhine Valley). Their informative web site is at www.museum-arno-breker.org



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