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Dagestan Art Exhibition had 12,460 visitors in Germany

Dagestan Republic got to become more known in the West by contemporary art


By bpb-correspondent Thomas Blumann


The Russian painter Binyamin Shalumov with Mrs. Shalumova (left) and EKS-President John G. Bodenstein (right), the Lord of Noervenich Castle and Lady Patricia Bodenstein-Abeyasingha. The picture was taken at the Noervenich Castle, Germany at the Grand Opening of the exhibition 'From Dagestan Around the World'.

© photograph Marco-Vg


Berlin (bpb) Binyamin Shalumov, Dagestan-born Russian painter, was very successful with an art exhibition in Germany. The show 'From Dagestan Around the World' with more than 120 paintings had 12,460 visitors, the European Art Foundation (EKS) reported in January in Berlin. 'The big attraction in the show was a series of 'Dagestan Paintings', EKS-President John G. Bodenstein announced in a press release. In 2006, Shalumov visited the Republic of Dagestan. There he painted motives of historical places, landscapes and people of this picturesque 'Land of Mountains'.

The 2007 exhibition took place in the foundation's Museum of European Art at Noervenich Castle. This cultural center is located near the famous German city of Cologne in North-Rhine-Westphalia. People came from all over Germany to this countryside, in order to see Shalumov's art. Among the visitors were art students, groups from schools, colleges, universities and Germans with great interest in Russia and Russian art.

The German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and other officials of the German Government sent greetings to the art exhibition under the patronage of the Russian president Vladimir Putin and the Dagestan President Mukhu Aliev. The painter was honored with a dinner in the Knights Hall of the castle, and a Grand Opening. Among the guests were diplomats from the Russian Federation, German celebrities, officers from the German Army, members of parliaments and Knights of the Alexander Order pour le MÈrite for Arts and Science.

Consul B. John Zavrel--museum founder in USA and also the Director for International Affairs of EKS--delivered the speech at the Grand Opening. He pointed out: good relations between Germany and Russia as well between Germany and the United States are of great importance for peace in a global world. Zavrel praised Shalumov: 'His paintings of ancient narrow streets in the Caucasus or boulevards in Moscow impress us with their subtle colours and interesting compositions. His works reflect the artist's spirituality and quiet self-confidence, and we feel atmosphere of love, peace, friendship, and hope for the future.'

The President of EKS, John G. Bodenstein said: 'We like to continue the cooperation with Dagestan and the Russian Federation. Dagestan is an exciting country, but mostly unknown in Germany and the West.' A better information policy of Dagestan would support president Aliev in his goals of a global dialog, and would generate more interest and investments in Dagestan.'



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PROMETHEUS, Internet Bulletin - News, Politics, Art and Science. Nr. 129, March 2008