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GALLERY OF THE BEAUTIFUL: Jean Cocteau--Tete Orphee



Jean Cocteau: Young Orpheus. Original-Etching

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Paris/Berlin/New York (bpb) This "Gallery of the Beautiful" presents masterworks of Art for collectors and art-lovers.


This great original etching "Yong Orpheus" shows a portrait of this fascinating mythological figure. The model for this work was Cocteau's friend, the famous French actor Jean Marais in his young age.

The motif of Orphéo was a life-long symbol of Cocteau (1889-1963). The French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer and filmmaker was a friend of Pablo Picasso, Edith Piaf, Victor Hugo, Arno Breker and many others of his époque. He is an outstanding, world-wide known artist.


The etching "Orpheus" is printed on Arches paper in a limited edition. Size 255 x 170 mm.

The etching is signed in plate, and in addition sign-stamped by the Atelier Cocteau.


This fascinating work is reproduced in the color-catalogue COCTEAU, available with price list at Marco-VG@gmx.de (in Europe) and info@meaus.com (in USA and Canada)



The front cover of the color catalog COCTEAU, with limited edition art-works by Jean Cocteau, which are available for sale. You can order this catalogue from us.




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