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Russian art in the Nörvenich Museum and international visitors

German politicians Rosenke, Beyß and Mayor Schüller at the opening

Von Thomas Blumann


East-West friendship at the Nörvenich Castle in Germany. The Russian diplomat Alexander Stankevich (left) and Consul B.John Zavrel (USA) greet each other in front of the photo of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. His portrait and the photo of the Dagestan President Mukhu Aliyev hang in the foyer, in appreciation of their political patronage over this art exhibition.

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Nörvenich/Berlin (bpb) The exhibition of Russian art at the Nörvenich Castle near Cologne attracts international guests. This exhibition, arranged by the European Art Foundation Berlin, was opened in the presence of the German politicians Günter Rosenke (Euskirchen), Georg Beyß (Düren), Mayor Hans Jürgen Schüller. Some 250 invited guests attended the ceremony, which took place in the Hall of Knights of the castle. Among the guests were diplomats, delegations and high officers of the German Army. The 110 paintings of the Russian painter Binyamin Shalumov will be shown till October.

Mayor Schüller underscored in his speech in the presence of guests from the diplomatic corps, politics, art, business and society, that the Museum has developed into one of the most important cultural institutions in the area. And that is good for the region, for the city of Nörvenich and also for supporting more friendly relations on the international level. The Mayor greeted the Jewish painter Binyamin Shalumov: "We sincerely welcome you and your dear wife. We are all pleased about this first exhibition of your works in Germany."

The exhibition of the European Art Foundation and the Nörvenich Art Museum is under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Dagestan, Mukhu Aliyev, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Minister of Culture Bernd Neumann. The Russian government and Dagestan sent representatives to the opening of the exhibition. On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Nord-Rhein Westfallen, Jürgen Rüttgers (CDU) ignored this event.

The President of the European Art Foundation, John G. Bodenstein described the exhibition as a contribution to a dialog between the people of the East and the West. "Governments come and go. Ultimately, good relations in a free Europe depend largely on the people in all the countries." The Foundation desires above all a good dialog with Russia, which is "a great cultural country, both in the past and in the present", said Bodenstein.

Consul John Zavrel (USA) stressed that a good future for all people in Europe "can only be guaranteed, if Germany remains loyal to the transatlantic alliance with the USA, and at the same time leads a open dialog on equal footing with Russia and the states of the Russian Federation." And this will continue to be of fundamental significance even after the end of the presidencies of Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush.


Presidential advisor G.M. Gamzatov (Dagestan Republic) and the Russian painter Binyamin Shalumov (right) in conversation. Gamzatov is a patron of arts and culture in this mountain republic of the Russian Federation. He has personally supported this exhibition in Europe.

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The past and the present

The consul appreciated the good cooperation with the Republic of Dagestan and its President Mukhu Aliyev. Above all, he thanks the presidential advisor G. M. Gamztov for supporting the exhibition in the West. "In this way, through art and the paintings, the people in Europe can learn about the far-away Dagestan", said Zavrel.

The 110 paintings by Binyamin Shalumov deal with historical themes of the Republic of Dagestan, as well as with contemporary motivs. His paintings originated during his travels on all the continents. For the exhibition poster was selected the painting „Basilika Sacre Coeur in Paris".

The exhibition „Binyamin Shalumov--From Dagestan around the World" is open daily from 1 pm to 6 pm. Special guided tours are available during the week for groups and school groups, with prior reservations (Tel.: 02426--4632).

Available at the exhibition: A color art poster, a color catalog in English and Russian, and a pictorial volume BINYAMIN SHALUMOV. These publications can be obtained from the Nörvenich Art Museum, by e-mail at museum@europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org

You can order the color art poster from this art exhibition, as well the exhibition catalog and the pictorial volume „Binyamin Shalumov" also in the United States. More information by e-mail: info@meaus.com



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