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50 works of 20 contemporary artists


Speach at the opening of the Exhibition 'Art Metropolis 2009--Homage to Salvador Dalí' at the Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York on September 5, 2009


By Consul B. John Zavrel



Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends of Fine Arts !


I am pleased to welcome you all to this special event today.


There are three good reasons for this event:

1) The commemorate Salvador Dalí, who died 20 years ago,

2) To meet new artists -- men and women -- of the present art generation, and

3) To celebrate the founding of this Museum of European Art, 15 years ago.


The main title is: Art Metropolis 2009. The Museum of European art continues its tradition of bringing together internationally known artists with the artists of our time. The contemporary artists, who are successful and on their way to climb to the summit of fine arts.

The late Salvador Dalí is in the focus of this show. It is a Homage to Salvador Dalí, in the 20th year after his death.

But, we like to pay the same attention to the living artists. Twenty of them show their works in this exhibition. There are 50 artworks on display by Salvador Dalí. They include 33 color woodcuts from the series PURGATORIO, two bronze sculptures, six ceramic plates, a crystal vase titled Soft Watch, Dalí Bible, a silver set of the 1984 Olympics medals designed by Dalí, and several fine lithographs such as The Coronation of the King of Spain, St. Peters Cathedral, Butterflies in Spring, Memories of Spain, and others.

The other 50 works are by 20 gifted artists from the Buffalo area, Boston, Utah, California, Toronto and Owen Sound in Canada.


Dear friends,

Please let me mention this: our Museum is, first of all, an 'internet museum'. Compared to other museums in big cities, which are supported by governmental agencies, government officials and big corporate donors, this Museum is--in its size and available space--relatively small. BUT, we have something very attractive for the present generation of artists, and especially for the young ones: we have found a way to support artists, who participate in our exhibitions in Clarence, by the way of public relations. We can do it and we do it: we bring our artists world-wide publicity through the internet.

Ladies and gentlemen, I repeat again: you are all welcome here. Please, pay special attention to the artists who are present here today. And now, please allow me to mention some names of several personalities who have been friends and supporters of the Museum of European Art in Clarence for a long time.

First of all, we salute Dr. Wilson Greatbatch, the inventor of the implantable pacemaker and his wife Eleanor. Due to health issues, they could not be with us here today. But I would like to mention that Mr. Greatbatch will turn 90 year old tomorrow, and we send him our congratulations and the best wishes.

Without Mr. Greatbatch's inspiration, the Museum would not be what it is now. This year is 15th Anniversary of the opening of the Museum. This is another good reason why we come together. The Museum is also a success of Mr. Greatbatch, and we thank him again for his engagement!


Ladies and Gentlemen:

No doubt: for a Grand Opening, two groups of guests are of equal importance:

The first one are the artists--the men and women who create art.

And the other group are the art lovers, admirers of fine arts and especially the art collectors who buy paintings, graphic works and sculptures in bronze or other material. In a democratic society, art collectors are very important: the contribute to uphold the intellectual level, and maintain high standards of a civilized community.

Now, I would like to name some artists who have been true friends of the Museum for many years. From Canada, they are James Culligan and Eleanor Pauling from Owen Sound. Both are Knights of the Alexander Order pour le Mérite. I can proudly can announce that Mr. Culligan has created the bronze relief "Alexander the Great and his Horse Bucephalos". This relief will be a part of the Alexander Garden, located behind the Museum.

Another very good friend is the architect and painter Edward Tabachnik from Toronto. Dear Edward, we welcome you as artist and as a Knight of the Alexander Order.


Dear Friends,

Now I would like to suggest this: Please take the chance to meet all of the artists who are here with us today. We should talk to them, ask them questions about their way of working and their art. And--no doubt--we can also buy their artworks.

Do not feel shy to talk to one other. Good conversion at such events is the key for coming together and getting to know more about art.

From among the artists in this show, several are not personally present. But, some of these "old friends" sent us their works. One of them is the painter Mary McAndrew. She is showing three works. At present, she is visiting England, and sends her greetings to us.

Another good artist friend--for over 15 years--is the photographer ViviAnn Rose from Utah. She was introduced to the Museum by our late friend, Ronald Voth.


These are some examples for the tradition of our community of art-loving friends.

You can join our cultural engagement in different ways, as members and donors. We can provide you more information on request.

A very unique project of ours is the Alexander Sculpture Garden. Please become a Member as 'Friend of the Museum' and of the Sculpture Garden project.

Now, this exhibition is opened. Take your time to see all the artworks, talk to the artists and visit the Alexander Sculpture Garden. If you have any questions or wish to buy one of the artworks, see me for more information.

Thank you.


© PROMETHEUS 147/2009

PROMETHEUS, Internet Bulletin - News, Politics, Art and Science. Nr. 147, September 2009