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B. John Zavrel on his 60th birthday: „…ask, what can you do for your country"

Thanks for international cooperation and laudatio of the European Art Foundation


By Joe F. Bodenstein, Berlin



This is one of many international projects that B. John Zavrel initiated: The handing over of the portrait-bust of the Czech President Vaclav Havel (Chief of State from 1989 to 2003) ) in Berlin. The photo shows next to Havel the sculptor Kurt Arentz (far right) and Consul Zavrel (left) at the festive event at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in the German capital Berlin.

Foto: Marco/Bonn


Berlin/Clarence/New York (bpb) The US publisher B. John Zavrel reached in August 2009 his 60th birthday. He belongs to the unusual personalities of US citizens, who through their many-sided engagement improve America's image. In addition, he is an example how one can successfully support the transatlantic relations by cultural cooperation, as well as contribute to the dialog between citizens and politicians. The "European Art Foundation Berlin" has expressly thanked Zavrel for these achievements. „The American President Barack Obama can be proud of such US citizens, who are seen in Europe as representative examples of "the good American."

As B. John Zavrel came to the United States ar the age of 20 years, he wanted to stay in this country for some time, and later return to the former Czechoslovakia. But he soon realized that from America he would be able to do much more for his homeland, which had long suffered under the communism forced upon his country by the Soviet Union.

His acrivitis in the area of business and his interest in the American as well as the Western, Christian culture in Europe have been, after years of intensive work, crowned with success. Zavrel founded the Museum of European Art ( www.meaus.com ) and became Director for International Relations of the European Art Foundation ( www.europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org ) and Consul of the Czech Republic in New York State. The international Alexander Order pour le Mérite for Art and Science elected him to Chancellor of the Order.

Zavrel also became known at publisher of rare publications by and about Roger Peyrefitte (France), Arno Breker (France) as well as Hermann Oberth, the "Father of Space Flight" and teacher of Wernher von Braun, who, after 1945 has led the US space travel projects in USA--as the chief expert--with the greatest successes. Further, he published the biography "Hermann Oberth" by the Russian space travel scientist Boris V. Rauschenbach.


Good relationships to Presidents

Zavrel has always seen as duty of a good citizen to make his own contributions to the preservation of the democratic society in peace and freedom. To him applies even today the appeal of the US President John F. Kennedy: "Ask not, what your country can do for you. Ask, what can you do for your country!"

This positive, fundamental attitude was a good foundation for a respectful, close relationship to US presidents. To them are above all to be mentioned Ronald Reagan and George Buish Sr., who, due to their transatlantic policies even today enjoy a great pop[ularity in Germany and Czech Republic. Above all, the Germans know that without the loyal cooperation with the USA against the communist danger, the history of Europe and the world would have developed differently in the past 60 years.

Zavrel has, among others, initiated the creation of portrait-busts by the sculptor Kurt Arentz of the US President Bill Clinton, the Israeli statesman Shimon Perez as well as German Chancellors and Presidents. Zavrel is convinced about this: "Above all, the German-American partnership is a fundamental requirement for the mastering of the present and future political and economical crises of our times. It is fortunate that after the great German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, today the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel recognizes the value of good transatlantic relations, and continues this cooperation also with the new President Barack Obama.


Still many tasks to master

B. John Zavrel was born on August 2, 1949 in Gurein (Kurim), in the former Czechoslovakia. He is the son of Bohuslav Zavrel and Radoslava Holubik. Zavrel arrived to the United States in 1969, and received American citizenship in 1975. From his marriage with the American Sandra McCracken (May 20, 1972) were born his sons Wesley John, Christopher Scott and Thomas William Zavrel.

Zavrels ancestors came from Bohemia to Moravia. They were followers of the religious movement Unitas Fratum--Bohemian Brethren, who were associated with the Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf (1700-1760). Thus, his ancestors belonged to the settlers who had founded the present-day town of Zinsendorf near Brünn (now Brno).


Alexander Orden opened for the young generation

Zavrel still has many project to bring about. To them also belongs the strengthening of the activitis of the Alexander Order. As the Chancellor of the Order, he has opened up the not-for-profit society to the young generation. Young men as well as young women now have the possibility to become associated with and beome useful to the Order as "Novices". Also students are invited. Interested individuals can obtain information about joining the society by contacting zavrel@meaus.com


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