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Pakistani Terror Predicted As A Top Trend For 2010

By Gerald Celente



Kingston, New York. Months prior to the release of the Trends Journal's "Top Trends for 2010"--on radio, TV, in Trend Alerts® and press releases--Gerald Celente forecast a new wave terror strikes against the United States. He predicted the time, the place, the who and the how.

The "time" would be 2010. The "place" would be public and symbolic. The "who" would, in all probability, be a lone wolf of Pakistani origin or heritage. The "how" would be low-tech or high &endash; whatever the method or means, the rationale would be would be the same: revenge.

Celente asked, "Who among the 200,000 Pakistanis living in America will decide to exact revenge for murdered relatives or drone-bombed villages back home?"

And the connections Celente spelled out long ago between the Obama administration's $7.5 billion "Af-Pak Strategy" and its terror consequences, have not yet been made or acknowledged by Washington or by the American media.

In the Summer 2009 Trends Journal® he wrote that the military policy resulting in thousands of Pakistani deaths and three million civilians forced to flee their homes could only intensify anti-American hatred. "Suffering Pakistanis now added to the already swelled ranks of Muslims seeking to avenge the tens of thousands dead and hundreds of thousands mutilated by America in the ongoing Afghan and Iraq Wars."

In the Winter 2010 Trends Journal®, Celente also predicted that any terror attempt, whether it succeeded or failed, would be instantly turned into "terrortainment," and the predictable cast of pundits, politicians, experts and commentators would issue their predictable pronouncements: The evil-doers are evil. The barbarians are barbarous and they hate us for our freedoms; there is nothing we can do about it except to further heighten "security".

Sure enough, among the gaggle of reactions to this newest event was the all-time favorite hollow promise trotted out whenever terror strikes: "We will not rest until we have brought everyone responsible to justice," intoned US Attorney General, Eric Holder.

And sure enough, as predicted, the motivation behind this (and every other) terror attack would be misrepresented in the three-ring political, pundit and media circus. There was little introspective attention paid to the connection between America's military role in Pakistan and the explosive-laden SUV in Times Square.

True to form, as with terror incidents past, the authorities counseled citizens to "remain vigilant". Citing the constant threat of terror, they demanded increased funding for tighter security measures--which will doubtless include further abrogation of Constitutional rights, all under the guise of assuring anti-terror "protection".


Trendpost: While the need for vigilance should not be dismissed, the greater vigilance should be directed toward recognizing what is behind the terror, coping with the implications, and avoiding being caught up in a national climate of exaggerated fear. While the likelihood that your life will be in danger is statistically negligible, it is prudent to take proactive measures in anticipation of further terror strikes.

As Gerald Celente has forecast, should a major terror strike hit, gold prices will soar, the world equity markets will plummet, and the economy will spiral downward. The Trends Research Institute urges subscribers to closely re-read the Trends Journals cited above as well as "Neo-Survivalism" in the Winter 2010 issue. 


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