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Lajos Tar: Portrait drawings in Hungary

Easter exhibition at the Esterhazy Castle in Devecser


By Marco J. Bodenstein


Cultural director Valeria Hoffmann (left) with the artist Lajos Tar (Schloss Nörvenich, Germany) at the castle of the Prince Esterházy in the town of Devecser in western Hungary. There is much approval for this bi-lateral cultural exchange.

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Budapest/Devecser (bpb) An Easter exhibition of 26 drawings has been presented by the European artist Lajos Tar (Schloss Nörvenich, Kreis Düren, NRW) at the Esterházy Castle in the town of Devecser in western Hungary. 13 portrait-drawings of German as well as Hungarian 'models' were shown. The exhibition was organized under the patronage of the European Art Foundation Berlin (EKS).

The local host was the cultural director Valentina Hoffmann. She praised the painting skills of Lajos Tar, who grew up and studied in the region. "You work in the timeless tradition of great artists. Your sure ability to capture the likeness of the subject is a good reason for the fact that more and more people want to be portrayed by you", said the cultural officer at the opening ceremony in the castle's gallery. "These people have recognized that a drawing from an artist's hand can capture and express more than even the best photograph".

For the opening of the exhibition, a boy and a girl from the music school in Devecser showed off their musical skills by playing several compositions on trumpets. The guitar player, composer and painter Lajos Tar thanked them for their play and said that he would like to make drawings of both of them. "Such drawings, which are mostly commissioned by the parents, actually become life-long companions of a family", said Tar.


Art exhibition at the Esterhazy Castle in Hungary. From left to right: The artist Lajos Tar, the cultural director Valeria Hoffmann and the cultural officer Dr. István Szabo with the young Hungarian musicians. On the wall behind them are displayed some of the drawings.

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Cultural exchange happened thanks to an initiative by citizens

The cultural officer of the town of Devecser, Dr. István Szabo, pointed out this: „This cultural exchange became reality thanks to an initiative of citizens in both Germany and Hungary. Such a cooperation of people in both countries is always an important contribution for better relations of citizens in Europe.

In this sense, this region of western Hungary hopes for many German and other foreign visitors. One of the big attractions is the Platten Lake. It is the largest lake in western and central Europe, and next to the Neusiedler Lake in Burgenland also the most important lake in the steppes of central Europe. WIth an area of 594 square kilometers, it is larger that the Geneva Lake (Switzerland) and also larger that the Bodensee Lake, which is shared by Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The beaches, spas and thermal springs around the Platten Lake have been drawing visitors from many countries, including also the USA, Czech Republic, Austria and Russia. This way, the whole area around the capital city of Budapest has become the most important tourist center of Hungary. The most important products are vinyards and fishing.



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