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Ronald Reagan: Graphic of his horse „ El Alamain"

The favorite horse of the President available as a color praphic for collectors


„El Alamain". The portrait of the favorite horse of the President Ronald Reagan; he has ridden it many times on his Heavenly Ranch in California. The German painterJan Künstler created this beautiful color lithograph. A few copies from the 'Ronald Reagan Collection' are now offered by the Museum of European Art, New York to art collectors. It is a good opportunity to acquire a rare collection item.

Foto: fine-art.


New York/Berlin (bpb) The favorite horse „El Alamain" of the former US President Ronald Reagan is now available to horse lovers as a fine graphic. This graphic with the image of the Arabian stallion, whose name came from the town at the Mediterranen Sea in Egypt, made famous by the great battle during World War II of the German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel (in 1942), is printed on heavy art paper. The size is 47 x 32 cm. A limited edition, hand-signed by the horse painter Jan Künster.

These are a few prints intended for Ronald Reagan. Each print is available for only $ 90, plus shipping. The proceeds are to be used for the financing of the Alexander Gardens in the Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York.

In USA, please contact by e-mail info@meaus.com . In Europe, write to marco-vg@gmx.de


This is an excellent color graphic work, of which several were also owned by Ronald Reagan. They were welcome gifts to his prominent official guests. In the history of mankind, there are two famous horses, which come to mind: the horse 'Bucephalos' of Alexander the Great and the horse 'El Alamain' of the US President who has in the meantime also become a legend. The town of El Alamain lies some60 miles west of the city of Alexandria, which was founded by Alexander the Great more than 2,000 years ago.


Ronald and Nancy Reagan were happy on the 'Heavenly Ranch'

Ronald Reagan, who was once politically 'the most powerful man on earth' would not give up his dream to live the life of an American cowboy. His wife Nancy Reagan, later the First Lady, supported him in this dream. So they acquired, already when hed been the 33rd governor of California in 1974, the 'Rancho del Cielo', located north of Santa Barbara on the Californian coast, between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Whenever the official meetings and scheduled events allowed it, the presidential couple spend time resting and relaxing on their 278 acre ranch. It lies above the tops of the mountain range Santa Ynes. Its prominent owners named their vacation place the 'Heavenly Ranch'.


The President also loved the simple life on his ranch. Enchanted, he praised it: "If this is not the actual Heaven itself, it has at least the same ZIP code." In 1890, the main building was erected by an Indian for the Mexican farmer José Jesus Pico. He raised potatoes, beans and corn on the surrounding fields. In this farmhouse with two bedrooms, living area and a room to work in, the Reagans enjoyed spending their free time.

Eventually, the building was enlarged. Almost daily, the Reagans saddles the half-blood mare "No Strings" and the president's Anglo-Arabian stallion "El ALamain". He was the gift of the Mexican colleague.

Ronald Reagan was very pleased that his "El Alamain" was made immortal in the work of the European horse painter Jan Künster, as a commission by the publishers Marco-Edition (Paris). From this original graphic work from the times of Ronald Reagan, there are only a few exemplairs left for horse lovers, collectors and friends of Ronald Reagan.That's a great opportunity! Who wouldn't want to take it?



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