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'Visionary Art' at Museum of European Art

 An exhibition in September, 2011 is planned in Clarence, New York


'Michael', by Oleg Korolev. Oil, on canvas 215 cm x 150 cm (2009)



New York (mea) The US Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York is adding a new collection of a relatively new and growing art style: the 'Visionary Art' and its immediate predecessor, the art of 'Fantastic Realism'.

The "Visionary Art' is seen as a realistic alternative to modernism, which has become a dead-end decades ago. The number of European and American artists who have adopted this style of painting keeps increasing and they have shown considerable progress over the recent years. A recent group exhibition of the leading artists took place in Spain in 2009, and the next exhibition is being planned for later this year.

To the leading artists belong the following: Ernst Fuchs, H.R. Giger, Oleg Korolev, Roberto Venosa, De Es Schwertberger, Mati Klarwein, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Isaac Abrams, Philip Rubinov Jacobson, A. Andrew Gonzalez, Amanda Sage, Kuba Fiedorowicz, Brigid Marlin, Laurence Caruana and many others. Today, Visionary art is brightly represented by: Alex Grey, Lukas Kandl, Victor Safonkin, Dennis Potokar, Carrie Ann Baade, Laurie Lipton, Tristan Schane, David M Bowers, Otto Rapp, Jon Beinart, Erik Heyninck, Eli Tiunine, Bruno di Maio, Steven Kenny, Kris Kuksi, Maura Holden, Bernard Dumaine, Pauline Jones, Artur Golacki, Peter Gric, Martina Hoffmann, Olivier Zappelli, Olga Spiegel, Miguel Tio, Luke Brown, Satoshi Sakamoto and many, many others.

"The Museum of European Art will be accepting donations of paintings, drawings and graphic works of artist working in the style of 'Visionary Art' for its permanent collection", said its director, John Zavrel in a recent interview. The Museum already has some fine works by the 'painter-prince' Ernst Fuchs (Austria) and Ludwig Angerer the Elder (Germany), and it is a good start. But it would like to add to it works by other artists from Europe and the United States, and in this way, also support their engagement for a renaissance in art.

An exhibition of the donated works of art is planned for September, 2011. Interested artists can contact John Zavrel, the director of the Museum of European Art at zavrel@meaus.com , or by mail at: Musuem of European Art, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031.



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