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The Painter-Prince Ernst Fuchs turns 80

Studio exhibitions at the Noervenich Castle and at MEA in USA


By B. John Zavrel


The portrait-bust „Ernst Fuchs", created by the sculptor Kurt Arentz. One exemplaire of the bronze is in the collection of the 'European Art Foundation' in the Museum Europäische Kunst at the Nörvenich Castle near Cologne, Germany. Among the artists of the Classical Tradition, Kurt Arentz is considered the most significant contemporary portraitist.

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Berlin/Monaco (bpb) Happy Birthday, Ernst Fuchs! The world-known artist turned 80 years old. He spent his birthday (February 13) in his house in Monaco. But the celebration will take place "when it is warmer" in Vienna, he says. The artist is the last painter-prince in Europe.

On the occasion of his 80th birthday, the Museum Europäische Kunst at the Nörvenich Castle near Cologne, Germany will have a studio-exhibition of his selected graphic works, opening on May 1, 2010. A very nice color catalog is available from the museum in Germany ( marco-vg@gmx.de ) or in the United States ( zavrel@meaus.com )

The US Museum of European Art (meaus) in Clarence (New York) remembers by its studio-exhibition the friendship of artists of Ernst Fuchs with the surrealist Salvador Dal and the Classical sculptor Arno Breker. Fuchs, who was born on February 13, 1930, belongs to the Alexander Order Pour le Mérite for Art and Science. He is the youngest member of the artist-friends of the 'Golden Triangle', which was proclaimed by Salvador Dali in Spain in 1975 with these words: "We are the Golden Triangle: Dalí--Breker--Fuchs. They can turn and push us as as they want, but we are always on top!"


United in friendship with art and the artist

Ernst Fuchs was repeatedly at the Museum Europäische Kunst / Museum Arno Breker at the Noervenich Castle near Cologne, Germany, which had arranged over the years several exhibitions of his art. At the exhibition of his graphic works, from May 1, 2010 will be also shown the portrait-bust 'Ernst Fuchs', which was created by the sculptor Kurt Arentz. He depicted the artists, with whom he is acquainted, as a visionary. Thus, the portrayed artist looks like a prophet. The likeness makes a strong, radiating impression, in contrast to the bust of Fuch which was done by Arno Breker, in the typical naturalistic style.

Ernst Fuchs has had friendly relations with Breker's publisher and museum founder Joe F. Bodenstein. The friendship is based on the firm foundation of appreciation for the artistic genius Ernst Fuchs and his outstanding creative work. Bodenstein honors the artist: "Ernst Fuchs is to be included in the company of 'multi-talents" of the Western art to a much greater degree than other artists. His great talent is no doubt inherited in equal parts from his music loving, Jewish father and his Catholic Austrian mother, whom Fuch held in great esteem until her death at a high age. She had the great fortune to be able to watch how her son Ernst Fuchs, whom she often lovingly called "Ernstl", over the decades created an unusual, encompassing and rich body of art. Yes, he is a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, maker of objects, architect, writer, poet and composer. He even performed some of his own songs."

His friends, supporters, admirers and collectors say from their hearts: Happy Birthday, Ernst Fuchs. Good health and much creative power in the years to come!



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