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Exhibition of Fantastic and Imaginary Art SAFE 2010

Dalí's heirs exhibit 55 works at Le Mont-Dore in France


By B. John Zavrel


'Don Quijote' by Angerer der Aeltere from Germany.


Le Mont-Dore/New York (mea) The well-known town of Le Mont-Dore in France will host the 2010 exhibition of leading European painters of fantastic and imaginary art. These exhibitions, originally organized by the art movement 'Dalí's heirs', started five years ago, and have grown much over the years.

 The impressive list of the participants of the 2010 SAFE exhibition (which means 'Salon de l'Art fantastique européen') includes the following artists: Angerer der Aeltere (Germany), Alain Bazard (France), Marc Desmullier (France), Monica Fagan (England), Kdom (France), David Lefebvre (France), Michael Maschka (Germany), Fabrizio Riccardi (Italy) Reinhard Schmid (Germany), Siegfried Zademack (Germany) and Olivier Zappelli (Switzerland).

These eleven artists will show 55 paintings in the neo-bysantic halls of the spa resort town of Le Mont-Dore. The theme of the year is: 'Light and Shadows".


Time: February 6 to March 6, 2010

Place: Les Thermes, Le Mont-Dore, www.art-fantastique-dali.com Town Hall

Telephone: 04 73 65 21 96 4 from February 4 to 20, 2010



The most expensive book in the world: 'Book of Apocalypse' by Salvador Dalí. It will be also on display at the 2010 SAFE exhibition of fantastic and imaginary art.



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